InputCooldown 1.1.2

Add cooldowns to plotsquared redstone contraptions to prevent spam/griefing.

  1. Hraponssi
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    Source Code:
    Add time cool downs to redstone inputs (buttons, pressure plates, and levers) to stop your contraptions from being spammed or broken. These cooldowns can be one of 3 types, plot wide, plot wide based on block type, or a specific block. Made for and requires PlotSquared v6

    • Input cooldowns for a whole plot, cooldowns for block types on a plot, or cooldowns for specific blocks.
    • Limit the amount of or time of cooldowns through the config.
    • Translate or change messages with the lang file.
    • Set the minimum plotsquared access level for setting cooldowns to members, trusted, or owners only.
    • Bypass your own cooldowns or bypass all restrictions with admin mode.
    • Input types: buttons and levers.

    ic.user - Allows access to user commands (given by default)
    ic.admin - Allows access to admin commands (default for ops)

    Types: click, block, plot

    /ic remove <type> - remove cooldowns (ic.user)
    /ic set <type> <seconds> - set cooldowns (ic.user)
    /ic unset - stop setting cooldowns (ic.user)
    /ic reset - reset cooldowns (ic.user)
    /ic list - list cooldowns on a plot (ic.user)
    /ic check - check for a cooldown (ic.user)
    /ic bypass - bypass your cooldowns (ic.user)
    /ic admin - toggle admin mode (ic.admin)
    /ic reload - reload the config and lang file (ic.admin)
    /ic debug - toggle debug messages (ic.admin)

    Inputcooldown currently only supports the latest version of minecraft.

    Config Values:

    minimumAccess - Set the minimum access level for modifying cooldowns (Owner/Trusted/Member)
    bypassOwnPlot - Always bypass cooldowns on your plot
    maxTime - Maximum time in seconds for setting a cooldown
    minTime - Minimum time in seconds for setting a cooldown
    maxPlotCooldowns - Maximum amount of cooldowns on a plot, set below 0 to disable (Currently only for plot wide block type cooldowns)
    adminModeJoinMsg - Toggle if players in admin mode are reminded in chat
    disableAdminOnQuit - Toggle whether admin mode should be disabled on logging off
    cmdUnset - Toggle if running /ic should clear setting a cooldown
    cfgVersion - Config version. DON’T edit.

    Test server
    Inputcooldown can be tested on