Insights - Super configurable (region) Limits + Asynchronous Scans [1.18] 6.9.0

Create group limits | Permission based | Extremely fast region scans | Many region addon support!

  1. FrankHeijden
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Customisable with the messages.yml file
    • Note: Insights v6.4.0+ only supports MC1.17! To use Insights on MC1.15-1.16.5, please use v6.3.1.
    • Note: Insights v6.9.0+ only supports MC1.18! To use Insights on MC1.17.1, please use v6.8.0.
    • ASYNCHRONOUS SCANS! Insights does not use the regular chunk loading system to scan chunks. This keeps the server free from memory garbage for chunks which are only loaded for a couple of milliseconds. Insights applies the mapreduce design pattern to scan chunks in parallel. Performance settings can be customised to your likings in the config.
    • Configurable limits per chunk! Insights allows very extensive configuration of limits, either as a Tiles, Groups or Permissions.
    • Insights supports static entities! ItemFrames (also Glowing ones!), ArmorStands, End Crystals and Paintings can be limited too!
    • Many region addons! Instead of limiting by chunk, Insights can limit by region; e.g. your GriefPrevention claim, BentoBox island or PlotSquared plot.
    • WorldEdit support! Configure replacement blocks which we should use to replace the limited blocks! For FAWE, please see FAQ #1
    • Scan the whole world! Scan the whole (loaded) world for specific blocks!
    • Scan a radius of chunks! Scan all blocks up to a 25 chunks radius using a query command!
    Next to chunk limits, Insights supports region limits. Limits will then be applied on the whole region, so for example, you could define a limit which gives access to at most 500 redstone in a player's claim.

    To install an addon, simply drag and drop the addons in the "addons" folder, and restart the server!

    Special thanks to the lads who donated to this project!
    @BiGUNMAN €15.00
    @SirKillian €15.00
    @Luky584 €2.00
    @SlimeDog $10.00
    @DarthEdard €2.75

    • #1: FAWE prints a message about Insights in the chat about unsafe access: Please add Insights to the allowed-plugins list in the FAWE config.yml like this: Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 00.37.18.png
    • Insights does not limit other entities: True! Insights will not support the limitation of entities that can move. There are many different plugins out there that do a far better job out there to limit entities. Armor Stands are an exception to Insights non-static entities, because they can be made static in Paper's server configuration (in paper.yml: armor-stands-tick).
    Limit blocks per group
    Group Limit.png
    Custom block limit per chunk
    Find blocks in a world / region / radius
    Apply limitations to WorldEdit!
    Scan all blocks in a radius around you!
    Limit globally all tiles per chunk!
    Scan all tiles in multiple chunks
    Scan with custom queries

    Check our Wiki for a full list of scan commands and permissions!

    Check the Wiki for an explanation on how to make your own addon!

    Check our Wiki for the configurations!

    You can get support at my Discord server, in a PM, GitHub or in the discussions thread of this plugin.

    Enjoy! :D

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    Version: 6.9.0
    Nice a-moment-ago update! Thanks for updating again this amazing and lovely plugin!
  2. lokka30
    Version: 6.7.1
    Amazing plugin, brilliant performance, great developer, open source, couldn't ask for anything more
  3. ElectricAirplane
    Version: 6.5.5
    Does the job. their dev is also very helpful, and answers any questions you have!
  4. Luka1408
    Version: 6.5.4
    Does this plugin need configuration or it is already configured? -
  5. hrzn00
    Version: 6.3.1
    One of the most influencal and most important plugins ever to be released on spigot. Seriouisly, this plugin alone can help you stabilize your tps drasticaly!
  6. Josh12rice
    Version: 6.3.1
    Thank you so much for making this plugin, we all appreciate it for sure!
    I wanted to ask will you ever release 1.8-1.12 version of this plugin as in my opinion it's very needed than for example 1.15.
    I would make this plugin supportive for 1.8, 1.12 and always latest (1.16)
  7. Thakurz
    Version: 6.2.1
    Perfect plugin limiting redstone/hoppers/pistons this helped me a lot when going through crysis.
  8. John2020
    Version: 6.1.0
    Another great plugin from Frank. This is a MUST have for your server. Dev is very active, helpful, and kind.
  9. PapiCapi
    Version: 6.0.0-RC5
    Great plugin AND great support. Issues i had were resolved really fast.
  10. dazogga
    Version: 6.0.0-RC2
    Great plugin.
    This will help limiting server usage (for example redstone limits) and also keep clients running smoother (less chests/itemframes per chunk)