Insomnia version 0.6.1

Want your players to sleep? Give 'em insomnia if they stay up more than one night long.

  1. Insomnia 0.5

    • Compiled for Spigot / Bukkit 1.8.3.
    • Added multiworld support.
    • Added option to suppress messages to players for increased realism
    • Added gradual effects; players first suffer slowness, then weakness, then confusion, then blindness (after day 6 of no sleep)
    • Insomnia now bypasses creative / spectator mode players
    • Added French, German, Spanish, and Pirate languages. Yes, pirate. Try it, you'll laugh.
    • Added delay from message at sunset about becoming underslept to when the effects kick in. This lets players find a bed before it gets Too Real.
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