Insomnia version 0.6.1

Want your players to sleep? Give 'em insomnia if they stay up more than one night long.

  1. version 0.6.1

    Added Brazilian Portuguese, fixed NPE error on player disconnect
  2. Insomnia 0.6

    • Compiled for Spigot / Bukkit 1.8.3.
    • Added environment check for Nether, The End - will not apply effects in those worlds, even if the plugin config lists them
    • Added check to eliminate NPE error in which occasionally happens when players logout abnormally <<cset f946f1359aa9>>
    • Removed unused dependencies
    • Added Turkish & Italian languages
  3. Insomnia 0.5

    • Compiled for Spigot / Bukkit 1.8.3.
    • Added multiworld support.
    • Added option to suppress messages to players for increased realism
    • Added gradual effects; players first suffer slowness, then weakness, then confusion, then blindness (after day 6 of no sleep)
    • Insomnia now bypasses creative / spectator mode players
    • Added French, German, Spanish, and Pirate languages. Yes, pirate. Try it, you'll laugh.
    • Added delay from message at sunset about becoming underslept to when...
  4. Insomnia 0.4

    Fixed typo in dependency.