InstantChatClear v1.2

Clear the chat on your own way

  1. theTrixxter


    This Minecraft plugin is specifically designed for server administrators!
    You can clear the chat with one simple command!

    You can format the text easy in the config. Also with ColorCodes! (using the & symbol) and Playernames! (using %player%)

    For example: "&1Chat has been cleared", your text will appear in dark blue after clearing the chat!

    All together there are 16 colours you can use (including white)!



    ;/icc - clears the global chat
    :Aliases: /cc, /chatclear, /clearchat, /cclear, /cchat
    ;/icl - clears the local chat
    :Aliases: /cl, /clocal
    ;/icc help - opens up a help menu
    ;/icc reload - reloads the config​

    :allows you to use every command of this plugin
    :allows you to clear the local chat
    :allows you to clear the global chat
    :allows you to use the reload command​


    in plugin version 1.2 the permission ichatclear.use got replaced by iclearchatclear.admin... if you use plugin version 1.1 or earlier ichatclear.use is the op permission


    Download InstantChatClear and put the InstantChatClear.jar file into your "plugins/" folder.

    Give out permissions.

    Reload/Restart your server and InstantChatClear is installed.​