InteractiveBooks 1.3.4

Easily create interactive books with placeholders!

  1. Leomixer17
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    About InteractiveBooks
    Do you want to create cool JSON books, but use it is too uncomfortable? This plugin is the solution: You can create books, showing tooltips or opening links and run commands when hover or clicking some text, using a simple syntax.

    Screenshot InteractiveBooks 1.png Screenshot InteractiveBooks 2.png

    Please don't report bugs in the review section, report it >>here<<
    • Tooltips when hover some text
    • Open links or run a command when clicking some text
    • Dynamic book (update the book every time player use it)
    • PlaceholderAPI support
    • Open books without having it
    • You can create as many books as you want
    • Simple and versatile API

    Dev Builds
    You can get latest builds here

    Read plugin's guide here

    , /ibooks, /ib
    (<> = required argument, [] = optional argument)​
    • /ibooks get <book-id> - Get a book
    • /ibooks give <book-id> <player> - Give a book to a player
    • /ibooks open <book-id> [player] - Open a book
    • /ibooks create <book-id> <name> <title> <author> [generation] - Create a book
    • /ibooks list - List all book's ids
    • /ibooks reload - Reload config and books
    interactivebooks.command - Access to the command /ibooks
    interactivebooks.command.list - Allow to use the command /ibooks list - Allow to use the command /ibooks open
    interactivebooks.command.get - Allow to use the command /ibooks get
    interactivebooks.command.give - Allow to use the command /ibooks give
    interactivebooks.command.create - Allow to use the command /ibooks create
    interactivebooks.command.reload - Allow to use the command /ibooks reload<book-id> - Allow to open a book with the commands defined in the book's config​

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. Delxmod1011
    Version: 1.3.4
    It's pretty good!
  2. VictorHugo_BR
    Version: 1.3.4
    Hello, I'm Brazilian and I found this plugin excellent, I have a suggestion and I hope you visualize this comment.
    I do not know if it is possible, but, it has to do for when the player clicks the "completed" option after checking the book to execute another command, for example:
    - When the player reads all the words in my book and press on completed that is just underneath the book, the possibility of when the player clicks "finished" execute another command instead of closes it?
    1. Leomixer17
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review.
      If you are referring to the moment in which a player closes a written book, I don't think there is an event to handle it. Instead if you are referring to the moment in which a player signs or edit a book and quill, it's possible to handle it, but it's out of scope for this plugin.
  3. AlbertBlue
    Version: 1.3.4
    Nice work! brilliant plugin!
  4. OnyxianSoul
    Version: 1.3.3
    Wow, aweome and very complete, all your book related needs :) Getting books, editing off game, books running commands :D Keep at it :)
  5. kitkraft
    Version: 1.3.3
    Loving the plugin! keep it up man and hope to see more updates on thos awesome plugin!
  6. hadzardoes
    Version: 1.3.3
    - goodplugin ;) works perfectly at 1.13+ hope this will get update again and again
  7. lehuubi
    Version: 1.3.3
    plugin is the best
    tks author create it
  8. herobrine0991
    Version: 1.3.3
    Easy to use and powerful,Best book plugin right now.
    Can work with BetterNick to make a /nick system like hypixel:)
  9. jdogduffy
    Version: 1.3.3
    Sweet plugin, using it to show players updates/sales! Hope for some sweet updates coming soon!
  10. TRXDev
    Version: 1.2.3
    best book plugin right now,it have permission, it can use like npc thing and many more. keep update :)