InteractiveChat DiscordSRV Addon | Share Inventories on Discord | Translate IC Placeholders 1.2.0

Have InteractiveChat Placeholders (Including Inventories) translated on DiscordSRV discord messages!

  1. Player Inventory Interface (1.2.0)

    • Added Player Inventory Interface
    • Removed black borders from GUIs
    • Added durability to item display
    • Allow custom textures
  2. Item Display Changes (1.1.5)

    • Added Potions, Enchantments and Dye Color to Item Display
    • Changed Item Display embed message formatting
    • Added translations to config
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  3. Discord Embeds (1.1.4)

    • Use discord embed messages instead!
    • Item display now shows name and lore in the embedded message
    • Added option to change the embed message color
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  4. Respect Permission & Added Missing Blocks (1.1.3)

    • Respect permissions
    • Added all material blocks
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  5. Banners, Shields, Elytra, Leather Armor and Fixes (1.1.2)

    • Banners & Shield Patterns
    • Show broken elytras
    • Fixed and Added Leather Armor and its colors
    • Fixed Splash & Lingering Potions
    You might need to remove the file [plugins/InteractiveChatDiscordSRVAddon/assets/items/shield.png] for shields to work properly.
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  6. Item Additions and Fixes (1.1.1)

    • Added spawn eggs
    • Added custom player heads
    • Fixed banners scaling
    • Flipped head and skull images
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  7. DiscordSRV Webhooks Support (1.1.0)

    • Support for DiscordSRV's "Experiment_WebhookChatMessageDelivery" option
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  8. Initial Release (1.0.0)

    • Hello World! XD
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