InteractiveChat | Show Items / Inventory in Chat | Custom Chat Keywords | Bungee & Velocity Support 4.0.2

A plugin to work on top of your chat formatting plugins through modifying packets!

  1. Velocity Support (3.3.0)

    • Velocity support
    • Follow naming conventions
    • Fixed playername hover on join
    • Translate hovertext chatcolors in translatable component with
    • Remove unused import
    • Improved Compatibility Listeners
    • Fixed CompatibilityListener on spigot
    • Inject into VentureChat and Dynmap again if reloaded at runtime
    • Filter out player names with less than 3 characters
    • Clickable Items in any chat messages
    • Improved component building
    • Improve PlayernameDisplay performance
    • Fixed PlayernameDisplay NPE
    • Fixed uncolored renamed enchanted items showing up as white instead of aqua in [item] (again)
    • Added option to disable map preview
    • Various bug fixes
    • Fixed tab complete not checking permissions
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