InteractiveChat | Show Items / Inventory in Chat | Custom Chat Keywords | Bungee & Velocity Support 4.0.2

A plugin to work on top of your chat formatting plugins through modifying packets!

  1. EssentialsXDiscord Support + Bug Fixes (4.0.2)

    • Support EssentialsXDiscord
    • Fixed Velocity
    • Fix '$' in custom placeholder replace text
    • Added createItemDisplayComponent to InteractiveChatAPI
    • Added sendMessage to send adventure component in InteractiveChatAPI
    • Fixed incorrect message order on bungeecord
    • Fixed ToastUtils loading on invalid versions
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  2. Mention Boss Bar & Toast (4.0.1)

    • Added options to use the bossbar and/or toast when being mentioned
    • Show comments in the config
    • Stop PlayernameDisplay to override original chat colors
    • Use AsyncChatSendingExecutor to send chat packets
    • Fixed ICPlayer init error on 1.8
    • Clear tags in console and discord depending on which tag is enabled
    • Added AllowRGBTags and AllowFontTags config options
    • Fixed Shields
    • Improved command display matching
  3. Minecraft 1.17 and Adventure! (4.0.0)

    • Migrate to Adventure API (Really nice)
    • Minecraft 1.17 support
    • Fixed MapViewer in 1.13-1.13.2
    • Allow escaping in clickable command display
    • Changed bungeecord packet interceptor name
    • Remember to update dependencies accordingly, especially ProtocolLib and PlaceholderAPI
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  4. VentureChat Hotfix (

    • Compatibility with latest VentureChat
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  5. Velocity Support (3.3.0)

    • Velocity support
    • Follow naming conventions
    • Fixed playername hover on join
    • Translate hovertext chatcolors in translatable component with
    • Remove unused import
    • Improved Compatibility Listeners
    • Fixed CompatibilityListener on spigot
    • Inject into VentureChat and Dynmap again if reloaded at runtime
    • Filter out player names with less than 3 characters
    • Clickable Items in any chat messages
    • Improved component building
    • Improve PlayernameDisplay performance...
  6. Quality of Life & Mentions (3.2.13)

    • Added TabCompletion tooltip
    • Added /ic chat
    • Display placeholders in the console
    • Hook into dynmap
    • Fixed uncolored renamed enchanted items showing up as white instead of aqua in [item]
    • Fixed inventory display on 1.8 3
    • Added @everyone and @here
  7. New Inventory Display Layout!! (3.2.12)

    • This build contains plugin message protocol changes, meaning you must update the plugin on both spigot and bungee in order for it to function properly
    • New inventory display layout!
    • Improved language loading
    • Varies fixes and improvements
    • Fixed URL at the end of messages
    • Fixed race condition in sending queued packets
    • Change default config
    • Added compatibility to chat input plugins
    • Handle inv view commands with no args...
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  8. Supports &#123456, Storage Changes, and Fixes (3.2.11)

    • This build contains plugin message protocol changes, meaning you must update the plugin on both spigot and bungee in order for it to function properly
    • Use MYSQL or SQLITE for player preferences storage
    • Fixed names within names
    • Accept modern item namespace on legacy versions
    • Supports &#123456
    • Update dependencies
    • Use UUID for nickname providers
    • Fixed color code translation
    • Catch bungeecord netty write errors
    • Bungee chat...
  9. Lots of Improvements (3.2.10)

    • Fixed Player Data sending over bungee
    • Deat with the case of unlikely null player data
    • Minor Improvements
    • Do not process cancelled chat packets
    • Handle weird inventories whos size is not a multiple of 9
    • Fixed typo
    • Moving event cancelling in inventory events as earlier as possible
    • Updated Metrics
    • Improved language loading
    • Fixed en_us language
    • Use hash instead of time as key for inventory views
    • Handle unable to load webdata
    • Added more...
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  10. Placeholder List Description (3.2.9)

    • Added description option for each placeholder in the config (For custom placeholders you will need to add it yourself)
    • Added command /interactivechat list