InteriorKits 0.5

Build with the most popular player heads for interior decorating

  1. boveybrawlers

    This is a BETA release of a plugin I was inspired to develop just today to motivate my build team to decorate the inside of their builds.

    With /head <player>, creative players can receive a player-owned skull, which this plugins gives out and then keeps count of the most used players. Players in creative mode (and with the right permissions, of course) can then use /ikit or /interior to receive these popular heads on their hotbar ready for quick interior decorating!

    Commands and Permissions

    /head or /skull <player> to spawn a player skull (replaces the item in your hand!)
    interiorkits.use is the permission for this.

    /ikit or /interior or /int to receive the popular heads in your hotbar

    interiorkits.admin allows use of both of these commands outside of creative mode


    • Add a list of good known player heads, and an option to allow only these into the kits
    • Add player-owned kits