InTime 1.01

Time is Currency

  1. Iveyz

    InTime is a fun new plugin that adds a whole new aspect to the game play. It adds another type of currency, which is time! Players can start out with a certain amount of time, and if they aren't smart about it, they lose it. This plugin is fully configurable with every message that's sent to the player, and how much time is taken from each person, and how often it takes time away from them. You start off with a set amount of time, and then go from there. Killing monsters, getting time from friends, or buying time is the only way to get time.

    Installation Instructions:
    Be sure to have the latest version of Vault installed.
    Simply drop InTime.jar into your plugin folder and let the configs load!

    Player Commands:
    /time - Get a welcome message about the plugin.
    /time pay <player> <amount> - Pay an online player the specified amount
    /time bal - Check your current time
    /time info - Check the server InTime settings
    /time tc mkm - Toggle the monster kill messages on/off
    /time tc tlm - Toggle the display of lost time messages on/off

    Admin Commands:
    You need the permission 'intime.admin' to use these commands.
    /timeeco check <player> - Check any players time balance
    /timeeco give <player> <amount> - Pay the player the specified amount.
    /timeeco set <player> <amount> - Set the players time.
    /timeeco take <player> <amount> - Take time from the player.

    This plugin is made to use signs, to make it a little easier to gain time, if you wish. You need the 'intime.admin' permission to make this sign.
    Simply make a sign like this:
    Line 1: [InTime]
    Line 2: Amount it costs to buy
    Line 3: Amount of time you are buying
    Then, any player may right click this sign and buy time!

    Code (Text):

        - '-------Plugin created by Iveyz-------'
        - 'Usage: /time <pay> <player> to send someone time!'
        - '/time bal to check your time!'
        - 'Like the plugin? Let him know!'
    #General Configs
    #Time interval is in seconds
    Time Interval: '10'
    Amount Lost Per Time Interval: '10'
    Monster Kill Award: '50'
    Skeleton Kill Award: '100'
    Starting Time: '1800'
    Commands To Send When Out Of Time:
        - 'kick <player> "You ran out of time!"'
        - 'say <player> has been kicked!'
    Remind At Times:
        - '1000'
        - '500'
        - '200'
        - '20'
    #######Chat Configs######
    ##Admin Commands Sender (/timeeco)
    ##You may use <time>, <target>, and <currenttime>
    ##This replaces the time you entered, the targets name, and the targets current time.
    Insufficient Permission: 'You do not have permission to use this command'
    Bad Usage: 'Incorrect usage. Use /timeeco <set/give/take/check> <onlineplayer> <amount>'
    Give Message: 'You have given <time> time to <target>. Their new balance is <currenttime>'
    Set Message: 'You have set <target> time to <time>'
    Take Message: 'You have taken <time> time from <target>. Their new balance is <currenttime>'
    ##Admin Commands Target
    ##You may use <time>, <sender>, <currenttime>
    Target Give Message: '<sender> has sent you <time> time. Your new balance is <currenttime>'
    Target Set Message: '<sender> has set your time to <time>'
    Target Take Message: '<sender> has take <time> time from you. Your new balance is <currenttime>'
    ##Player Commands
    ##You may use <sender>, <target>, <currenttime>, and <time>
    Current Time Message: 'Your current time balance is <sendercurrenttime>'
    Successful Send: 'You have successfully sent <time> to <target>'
    Successful Receive: '<sender> has sent you <time> time'
    Insufficient Funds: 'You do not have <time> to give to <target>'
    Pay Bad Usage: 'Incorrect usage. Use /pay <online player> <amount>'
    ##Event Chat Configs
    ##You may use <monster> and <reward>
    Monster Kill Message: 'You have killed a(n) <monster> and earned yourself <reward> time'
    Sign Successfully Created: 'Sign Successfully Created'
    Buy Time From Sign: 'You have bought <time> time from the shop for <cost>'
    Error Buy Time From Sign: 'You dont have <cost> to spend!'
    You can set any monsters kill reward. Simply add
    "MonsterName Kill Award: '10'"
    Just like I did with the skeleton in the provided config!

    I hope you guys enjoy! Please contact me in any way that I can make this plugin better, or if there is a bug I should fix!

    Skype: iveyz80

Recent Reviews

  1. enarkay
    Version: 1.01
    I strongly believe that a lot of people are missing out on a great plugin. I see so much potential and game-changing play style that could result from the plugin.

    The author is also very responsive and open to suggestions, promising a bright future for this plugin.

    Check it out guys!
  2. toxxic
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing plugin. Brings a whole new aspect to my server. Get some more placeholders for chat and it would be perfect.