IntoChest 1.6.0 Beta

Throw your items on a crafting table and it gets stored into your chests.

  1. atpx
    IntoChest has come back from the dead!

    This plugin pushes items that float on a workbench automatically into a chest or dispenser.

    The chest/dispenser can be seated directly besides the workbench or be connected to it via redstone wire of infinite length.

    Multiple chests/dispensers can be linked with redstone wire for in case a chest/dispenser is full.

    Filtering is possible using signs that are placed in the redstone wire path that contain item identifiers.

    Filtering multiple items is possible by separating their item identifiers with a comma.

    Useful for collection during automated farming, sorting your storage room of chests, and organizing dropped items!

    For full, detailed information visit the Comprehensive Guide.

    IntoChest Changelog
    1.6.0 Beta
    atpx takes over as developer for joghurt.

    -Better sign filter system!
    ---Removed matching a common name filter to any item with that name.
    -----Ex: "stone" no longer will match with items like "cobblestone", "sandstone", etc.
    ---Deprecating support for wildcards (*) in signs.
    -----In future versions wildcards will no longer be supported until otherwise announced.
    -----Usage of wildcards was only meant as a bandaid for items that would not match.
    ---Support for filtering all items instead of just some.
    ---Support for filtering items with sub-types (like spruce wood vs. oak wood).
    ---Support filter-matching using five naming systems.
    -----Exact name: the exact name of the item ("coarse dirt")
    -------Self-explanatory. The name of the item when you hover over it ingame.
    -----Short name: the shortened, abbreviated name of the item based on a naming convention ("cdirt")
    -------A short name of the item is derived from the first letter of every word that is not the last word + the first four letters of the last word of the item.
    -----Group name: the name of a group that contains the item as part of the group ("dirts")
    -------New groups have been created for items of similar types.
    -----Exact identifier: the item decimal ID and the item data value delimited by a pipe ("3|1" would match coarse dirt).
    -----ID identifier: the item decimal ID only. This will match against any type of that item ("3" would match with dirt, coarse dirt, and podzol).

    -Better debug system!
    ---Overhauled debug messaging to better ascertain what is happening behind-the-scenes.
    ---You can now toggle debug messages for separate systems of the plugin.
    -----general: General and miscellaneous messages
    -----filter: Sign filtering messages and what signs are being checked and if the item is allowed or not.
    -----pathing: Pathfinding messages of where the item is going.
    -----runtime: Runtime messages on how long the plugin is taking.
    -----"/ic debug on|off": Toggle all debug messaging.
    -----"/ic debug on|off general": Just toggle general debug messaging.
    -----"/ic debug on|off filter": Just toggle filter debug messaging.
    -----"/ic debug on|off pathing": Just toggle pathing debug messaging.
    -----"/ic debug on|off runtime": Just toggle runtime debug messaging.

    -Support for inspecting items to get valid identifiers for it or allowed/invalid items on a sign.
    ---Helpful for figuring out what to put on a sign in order for an item to be allowed to pass through the sign.
    -----"/ic inspect": Inspect the item in your hand or the sign you interact with just once
    -----"/ic inspect on|off": Toggle inspect mode to be persistently on or off.

    -New help command lists available commands for IntoChest.
    ---"/ic help"

    ---Checking if a chest is full for stackable items that do not have a max of 64 now checks correctly.
    ---Misc performance improvements.

    1.5.1 (Skipped)
    -Unstable version so it is being skipped for now.

    1.5.0 (Skipped)
    -Unstable version so it is being skipped for now.
    -Better pathfinding algorithm.
    -Removal of wildcards.

    -Last known stable release

    Original versions of IntoChest by Joghurt.
    Icon provided by ChrisL21.