Invasion 3.0.1 | Xmas Update! [ARENAS] [WORLD INVASION] [RESOURCEPACK VOICEOVER] 3.0.6


  1. Arena Beta, Voice Over and more things!

    Before nothing this is a prepare update, it add waited for all users arena feature but also this update tweaks to much things in code for make some cool things in comming updates

    Some planed things:
    • Move boss ability and mob customization to json files
    • Add lite scripting/properties to json behavior mob files (Inspired in Minecraft Add-ons)
    • WorldGuard flag restrict, one user say this suggestion, sorry for don't add it in this update, i work to much on minigame and i go add this and more suggestions in comming updates!

    • Added ARENAS!!! Now is in beta, then please now test and contact me if you have error suggestions bugs or other things! And go to have to much changes in next update (Use /invasionarena for help)
    • Added new SUPER VOICE OVER in resource pack by liquidlettuce but sadly in some mc versions the packs don't work or made strage things, here is the direct link if you download and use it like normal MC pack you go to hear the sounds, and if you find a way to add the resource pack please contact me!
    • Added Halloween Event! Invasion mobs have a new look from now to october 31 and go to disable automatically without updates, server restart or other things!
    • Added option for hide players in scoreboard (confignode: showplayersinscore)[Request by: iDaniReyYT]
    • Added client-side fence for warning players before leave invasion
    • Added sound when kill mob

    • Updated to Java 8
    • Prizes code rewrited and changed to "Rewards" use /invasion rewards for more information
    • Invasions code rewrited, now is more stable, fast and easy to edit/read
    • Commands improved
    • Changed invasion world command to invasionworld
    • Changed invasion world mob limit from 50 to 30 for each player
    • Now invasions id work with number increment system starting on 0 and share the same list with all invasions type (ex: 0 = Normal Invasion, 1 = Normal Invasion, 2 = World Invasion, 3 = Normal Invasion)
    • With rewrite now you can spawn more than 20 invasions
    • Now when mobs get out of 40 block radius it teleport to the invasion again
    • Now rare mobs are more rare
    • Now spider only place one web and is client-side (You can remove with right click and is impossible to grief)
    • Now mobs don't drop vanilla items
    • Now spawned mobs with boss ability can increment defeat counter when the boss round end
    • Now invasion use rodel SoundHelper for parse 1.10 & 1.9 sounds
    • Now mobs don't get suffocation damage
    • Now if you are blocking with sword or shield spider go to cancel his attack

    • Removed changelog on start server with new updates
    • Removed message "Running invasion in bukkit version: {0}" on server start
    • Removed BE_A_PRETTY_BUTTERFLY ability
    • Removed bold strings on default scoreboard configuration
    • Removed more than 20 invasions string-
    • Removed translation, it's impossible add 4 language each configuration line, if you have a configuration file in your language please send it and i go to make a option to translate!

    Issues Fixed:
    • With invasions code rewrite to much bugs has been fixed, if you know a bug and still there please report it in GitHub Issue, Discord or Spigot DM (Feedback is important!)
    • Fixed some fails in default boss configuration

    Code changes:
    • java.util.Random changed to java.util.SplittableRandom
    • Now all methods are static
    • Improved integer checking
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