Invasion 3.0.1 | Xmas Update! [ARENAS] [WORLD INVASION] [RESOURCEPACK VOICEOVER] 3.0.6


  1. Xmas and minor fixes!

    Updated webpage to xmas and now is 100% automatic, then i can upload updates more easy!


    • Added santa claus costume to all invasion mobs (Only in december)

    Some planed things:

    • Tweak rewards
    • Move boss ability and mob customization to json files
    • Add lite scripting/properties to json behavior mob files (Inspired in Minecraft Add-ons)
    • WorldGuard flag restrict, one user say this suggestion, sorry for don't add it in this update, i work to much on minigame and i go add this and more suggestions in comming updates!

    Issues Fixed:

    • Fixed /invasion command in arena help menu now is /invasionarena

    Code Changes:

    • Changed name of _InvasionManager.class to InvasionManger.class i set with "_" in last update for InvasionManager rewrite!
    • Changed name of CustomInvasion.class to InvasionInstance.class
    • Changed name of NewInvasion.class to DefaultInvasion.class
    • Changed name of NewWorldInvasion.class to
    • Removed InvasionInstance.class "In development" header
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