Inventory Rollback v1.4.0

Allows server moderators to restore player items and data from numerous backups via a GUI.

  1. danjono
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    InventoryRollback Logo.png
    Inventory Rollback
    This plugin will log a players' inventory, health, hunger, experience, and ender chest during certain events. Perfect if someone loses their gear because of an admin mishap or if a bad plugin accidentally wipes a players data for example! These logged events include:-
    • Player death
    • Player joining the server
    • Player disconnecting from the server
    • Player changing worlds
    Staff with the required permission can open a GUI and select the required backup for the player. They can then click and drag the items the player requires off the GUI so they can pick them up. Clicking on the other icons enables you to restore the other attributes if required directly to the player.

    By default, it will log 50 deaths and 10 joins, disconnects, world changes and force saves each per player before the old data is purged to save space. These values can be changed in the config.

    If upgrading a current server from before 1.13 you will need to delete all your backup data due to the changes with materials in the newest versions.

    /ir restore %PLAYERNAME% - Opens a GUI to select the backup you require.
    /ir forcebackup %PLAYERNAME% - Forces a backup for an online player.

    inventoryrollback.restore - Allows access to /ir restore (Default: OP)
    inventoryrollback.forcebackup - Allows access to /ir forcebackup (Default: OP)

    inventoryrollback.deathsave - Saves inventory on a player death. (Default: All)
    inventoryrollback.joinsave - Saves inventory on joining the server. (Default: All)
    inventoryrollback.leavesave - Saves inventory on leaving the server. (Default: All)
    inventoryrollback.worldchangesave - Saves inventory when changing to a different world. (Default: All)
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Recent Reviews

  1. SirKratosAurion
    Version: v1.4.0
    Great plugin. works correctly but needs Tab-Complete and help menu. I keep having to come to the spigot page just to use the plugin.
  2. Theprogamerintro
    Version: v1.3.8
    the plugin is very good
    but you can add in the gui menu next to make life a button to return the stuff which automatically returns the stuff and writes on
    backup (rendered stuff)
  3. SonOfLiberty796
    Version: v1.3.8
    Absolutely amazing plugin. Makes a ton of players happy, especially when they die from situations that weren't their fault. A MUST for ANY Admin of a MC server.
  4. Pitchblack123
    Version: v1.3.8
    Do this work fior playervaults tooo pls give me answerr cause uts a very good plugin!!
  5. TakenNone
    Version: v1.3.8
    Amazing plugin - Please allow changing of the prefix!
    The plugin has just saved one of my players item from a glitch within the end.
  6. not_3than
    Version: v1.3.8
    Excellent! Would be nice if I could do /ir restore {inventory player} {target player} to just give them all their health/xp/items back automatically
  7. EpicGamers
    Version: v1.3.8

    Excelent plugin! can you add an option to change the prefix messages?

  8. iCaitlyn
    Version: v1.3.8
    Notes: This review is for the 2.0 Beta version.
    The player list menu makes restoring players' inventories much easier, and has been rather helpful in helping to speed up restores, if the staff tends to recognise people's heads rather than remembering their full usernames.

    The ability to restore directory to their inventory makes it faster and simpler, too, although we have to inform the players to not put anything new into their inventory.
  9. TheRobLP
    Version: v1.3.8
    Awesome plugin, a MUST for servers who care about their players. It would be cool tough if you could load an inventory to a player directly. But thats not a problem, really. 10/10
  10. CobraRe
    Version: v1.3.8
    Works great, no issues with the new update. Good work!