InventoryApi 272

A inventory management system to quickly and efficiently create GUIs at will

  1. libraryaddict
    This is a inventory plugin system that is used as a API.
    Its intended to be used by other plugins to create inventory GUI's for your server.

    NamedInventory - This is a inventory where you can fed in a Page identifier and the items for that page. You can then call a method to have items linked to a page. I use this for creating menus that the player navigates in my gamemodes.

    PageInventory - Items are fed into this inventory, and it creates a GUI where players can navigate between the pages of items.
    If the items are beyond the max size of a inventory, it adds a item to the bottom of the inventory to continue to the next page.

    ItemBuilder - The original code for this was taken from PaulBGD and expanded for my needs. Its very handy for creating a new ItemStack without a lot of code for each item.

    AnvilInventory - This opens a anvil inventory to the player, where you can have them give you text input. As I must use nms internals. This only works for specific versions of craftbukkit. Currently the latest.

    PageLayout - This is a class which I use for generating items in a inventory in this layout. Such as XXOXXOXX - Two items in the center of a row.

    The only noticeable change you will see beyond this for inventory plugins is that navigating between inventories doesn't make the client look weird. Instead transactions between inventories are smooth and doesn't reset the mouse cursor.
    This is easily accomplished by overriding the openInventory method to remove the need to send a close inventory packet.

    The other noticeable change is that my inventories can work in the player's inventory itself. Meaning you could create two inventory gui's.
    Here is a example.

    The source can be found here.

    This plugin is provided under the assumption that no stupid questions will be asked, and before asking if plugin provides this feature. The user will look for themselves.

    This plugin is the result of more than a years work on my server, and adding features as I needed them.
    I use this plugin to handle every single inventory on my server. Including the shop for SurvivalGames.

    If you want to look at the inventories on my server.
    You can visit the server at and joining a gamemode such as Search and Destroy.
    You will find a item in your inventory to open the menu.

Recent Reviews

  1. 3rc
    Version: 272
    No idea how to use the api, could of provided examples? Please add a javadocs or just examples in general.
  2. DerSnatch
    Version: 272
    Maybe an good API but there is no Guide how to use...! If you make a guide I will give more Stars...
  3. --TOMAS--
    Version: 272
    Nice API. But, you can add examples or JavaDocs? I don't know how to create an inventory.

  4. John55223
    Version: 272
    Great API (saves a ton of time) and the developer (although not officially supporting this resource anymore) took a lot of time out of his day to help me get an error sorted out. Cheers!
  5. darkshadow22mc
    Version: 272
    Thanks but...For what version it is? Where is the guide of the api or anything to use that? (For developers,I mean)
  6. 28091
    Version: 272
    Awesome! Thanks so much!
  7. ZeeZee
    Version: 272
    Great api!
  8. Tux
    Version: 272
    Anything this guy makes is pretty damn amazing.
  9. nfell2009
    Version: 272
    Thanks! :D
  10. Serializator
    Version: 272
    Really great api if you want to make a simpele inventory navigation or something else like that.