InventoryFull 1.8

Totally customizable alert plugin to inform players when they don't have inventory space!

  1. 1.8 Updated to Spigot 1.9 API


    Updated dependencies to Spigot 1.9 versions.

    Adjustments to inventory checking methods. Now uses methods only found in 1.9 or higher. (ex: getItemInMainHand / getItemInOffHand)
  2. 1.7.1 fixed bug where inventory is considered full if you do not have a backpack with VKBackPack


    Fixed bug where inventory would always be considered full if you don't have a backpack with VKBackPack integration.
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  3. 1.7 added support for VKBackPacks


    Added support for VKBackPacks which will also check if a player has room in a backpack (if they have one) before alerting the inventory is full.
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  4. 1.6.1 Fixed error with AutoSell listener, Fixed NPE when checking players alert amount


    Fixed error with AutoSell integration. Update AutoSell to 1.4.1 if using InventoryFull with AutoSell.

    Fixed NullPointerException when checking players current alert amount.
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  5. 1.6 Updated all dependencies to ensure no problems, Adjusted event priority, rewrote all internals


    Updated all dependencies to the latest versions to ensure no problems with compatibility.

    Compiled with Spigot 1.8.4

    Older versions of InventoryFull still worked fine on 1.8.3/1.8.4 but I went ahead and pushed this update to make everyone happy so you feel more confident that the plugin is not outdated.

    Adjusted event priority to NORMAL instead of MONITOR to prevent issues where other plugins cancel the BlockBreakEvent....
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  6. Added sound options to alert when inventory is full!

    You can now alert players with sound when they have a full inventory!

    Code (Text):
      enabled: true
      sound: NOTE_PLING
      volume: 10
      pitch: 1

    You can find all valid sounds here:
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  7. Updated all hooks (Holograms work again yay!) Added new option for ActionAnnouncer!

  8. Added AutoSell integration. Fixed Errors on startup, Added new event for developers!

    Added integration with AutoSell to properly alert when a block will not fit in your inventory based off the item that AutoSell calculates to go straight to inventory!

    Fixed bugs on startup when Holographic Displays was not running.

    Fixed many other bugs!

    Added new event that fires when an item won't fit in a players inventory!

    Code (Text):
        public void onInventoryFull(InventoryFullEvent event) {
            //player who's inventory...
  9. Updated all dependencies to 1.8 compatible versions + Updated to Spigot 1.8 API

    Updated dependencies to versions compatible with Spigot 1.8

    Modified BlockBreakEvent listener to listen on MONITOR and also only check if the inventory is full when the event is not cancelled!

    I will not be offer any support for any people who have blocks to inventory plugins that cancel the BlockBreakEvent.

    I have released AutoSell (awaiting approval) which features a fully customizable/compatible blocks to...
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  10. Added optional worldguard "can build check" and adjusted BlockBreakEvent listener priority


    This version should play well with plugins that cancel the block break when the block is broken (blocks to inventory plugins, tool plugins)

    Added optional WorldGuard hook to make sure that we aren't alerted when we can't build.

    Updated config and TitleManager hook to support
    TitleManager Actionbar title messages.
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