InventoryKeeper [1.7.10-1.17] v2.1.1

Provided specific items to restore players' inventory and exp on death. Fully customizable.

  1. v2.1.1 - Bug fixes

    1. Fixed: death-type detection can not work properly in 1.7.x
    2. Fixed: NPE when loading empty items.yml
    3. Fixed: death-type PVP does not work.
    4. Added: more debug information.
    5. Change the default value of "galacticraft-mod-support" to false in config.yml.
    6. Improved code structure.
  2. v2.1.0 - Bug fixes

    1. Fixed NPE when gamerule keepInventory set to true.
    2. Added new events API
    3. Fixed item search logic: now plugin will search for the item with the highest priority among permission & physical & virtual and consumes in order of permission > physical > virtual.
  3. v2.0.1 - Bug fixes

    1. Fixes the inventory does not drop on player death in some cases. (caused by plugin conflicts)
  4. v2.0.0-fix changelog:

    1. Fixed an issue that may throws InvalidConfigurationException when loading the configuration files in some servers.

    Note: If you meet the error like this:
    Code (Text):
    org.bukkit.configuration.InvalidConfigurationException: unacceptable code point '?' (0x9A) special characters are not allowed
    in "'string'", position 223
    Try to update your plugin and remove the broken configuration files.
  5. v2.0.0 - New features and bug fixes

    Update log:
    1. Multiple items support. The item with highest priority will be consumed first.
    2. Allow to use PlaceholderAPI placeholders in death / respawn commands.
    3. Now hunger level / saturation level can be customized.
    4. Add Compatibility Mode (only for the plugin can not work properly)
    5. Hex color code support. (You can add hex code (eg: #FFFFFF) to messages directly now)
    6. Configuration files now will be generated dynamicly.
    7. Improved code.
    8. Fixed the items...
  6. v1.4.2 - Bugs fixes

    Change log:
    • Fix issues that may cause NPE.
    • Now can remove items with special lore on death. (That's helpful if you are using plugins like SoulBind that will give the item repeatedly when a player respawns.)
    • Add a DEBUG OPTION that can show the death cause of a player.
    You will need to add following contents in config.yml before update (refer to the latest configuration file)!

    Add to settings group:

    Code (YAML):
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  7. v1.4.1 - With bug fixes and new features.

    • Now you can filter entities type and custom name.(Both blacklist and whitelist mode are supported.)
    • Fix an issue that may cause NullPointerException.
    You will need to add following contents in front of enabled-death-type in config.yml before update!

    Code (YAML):
       #if set to true (Blacklist mode), the inventory will NOT BE RESTORED if a player...
  8. v1.4.0 - New features update!

    New Features:
    • New PlaceholderAPI variable: %inventorykeeper_amount_PlayerName% - Returns the virtual key amount of other players. (Only for online players.)
    • Now supports executing commands when a player died (Inventory items dropped).
    • Now supports death check. Now 'Saving stick' will only work when the specific death type enabled.

    You will need to add following contents in settings group in config.yml before...
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  9. v1.3.1 - New features.

    • Improved code
    New features:
    • Now players with permission inventorykeeper.keep (Default:OP) can restore their inventory while the item will not be consumed.
    • To clear the items with enchantment curse of vanishing when the player dies, you can set clear-vanishing-curse-items to true.
    • To drop the items with enchantment curse of binding when the player dies, you can set drop-binding-curse-items to true.
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  10. v1.3.0 - Now can run commands on death/respawn!

    New Features:
    • Now supports executing commands on death & respawn.
    • Now supports mod Galacticraft.
    This update included some changes in config.yml!
    To update the plugin, you need to add following contents in settings group of config.yml.
    [SPOILER="new in...
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