InventoryPresets Re-code 1.0.1a

Save and restore inventories and swap between them.

  1. ZathrusWriter
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    This is a revival of the InventoryPresets plug-in on BukkitDev, which is - at the time of writing this - officially the most outdated plugin on BukkitDev. So why not give it a revive? :)

    InventoryPresets Re-code v1.0.1
    Source is available on Github.

    This plugin allows you to save and restore inventories and swap between them.
    How to use :

    • /ipsave <preset name> - saves a name into the config file.
    • /iprecall <preset name> - recall a inventory
    • /ipclear - clear your inventory
    • /iplist - lists your presets
    • /ipremove - deletes a preset
    Permission nodes
    • inventorypresets.recall
    • inventorypresets.clear
    • inventorypresets.list
    • inventorypresets.remove
    Added Value (1.0.1 re-code)
    • automatic inventory file saving every 5 minutes (the original did it only on plug-in disable)
    • includes Vault support
    • auto-update of currently recalled inventory on each:
      • inventory close
      • item drop
      • item pick-up

    (the auto update prevents from people duplicating items by switching between 2 saved inventories... yay!)

    • added MCStats Metrics (you can opt-out from these globally by changing the "opt-out" value in file config.yml in your plugins/PluginMetrics folder)
    If you like what I do - donations are possible and welcome via BitCoin (1KbcJu2T5wdH9sguqfCiUDYeW4juRBSzFq) or LiteCoin (LdNWHrRjy2UzMuCyuE1sDutadmRV7Vdvti).

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