InventoryRefund 1.3.0

Allow the ability to refund inventories for players that died for stupid reasons!

  1. SenseiJu
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Discord: SenseiJu#6692 [Use to send feedback and suggestions or for more information about the plugin]
    Description Banner.png
    InventoryRefund is an advanced solution to certain modern day issues. It provides the simple ability to restore a previous inventory for any online player through a very simple to navigate GUI. If you are ever in a situation where someone was cheating and killed somebody else and you would like to give their items back, InventoryRefund provides that ability. Or if someone dies due to a bug which causes the loss of rare items, this plugin will be able to refund those items in a few simple clicks!

    Features Banner.png
    • Refund the inventory of any player who is currently online
    • Be able to see useful information such as the location of the death, time the player died and how long ago it was and the name of the killer (If there was one).
    • Ability to review the items of the inventory before refunding it to confirm that whoever is requesting for a refund is not lying!
    • Confirmation GUI for no accidental refunds.
    • Clean and simple GUI with easy to navigate features.
    • Previous inventories are displayed from the most recent to latest.
    • Inventory restorations are compatible between versions so upgrading server versions should cause no issues!
    • SQLite and MySQL database implementation to store and retrieve data efficiently.
    • Unlimited inventory saves to view and refund inventories from light-years ago!
    • Implemented data purging features to help maintain your databases and ensure the size of the databases are reasonable.
    • Automatic purging to allow for easier database management
    Configuration Banner.png
    InventoryRefund comes with a very simple configuration with the ability to select your database type and naming scheme of the database. You can also setup how you would like to auto purge your database! You must create your database table on MySQL before trying to use the plugin to allow for correct permission setups. If there are configuration options that people would like, contact me on Discord.

    Usage Banner.png
    /Refund <Player> -- Opens a GUI containing recent inventories of the player [Permission: 'inventoryrefund.refund']

    /PurgeInventory <Time> -- Purges the database of all inventories older than the time specified. The format for time is a value followed by a suffix and comma separated. E.g '10w,5d,4h,3m,30s' or '5d,3m'. [Permission: 'inventoryrefund.purge]

    /PurgeInventory all -- Purges the database of ALL inventories. [Permission: 'inventoryrefund.purge.all']

    If you have downloaded the plugin, please leave a rating based on your overall opinion and concept of the plugin and not just because there may be a bug, if you find any issues contact my discord on top of the post. <3