InventorySQL 3.3a

Copy users' inventory in a configurable database. Allowing S2S synchronisation and for web purpose

  1. Version 3.3a

    Version 3.3a
    • Added NoCompressor, which does nothing
    Version 3.3
    • Added DependencyManager: Listen on all plugins that has been loaded after InventorySQL and load DatabaseHandler after Dependencies have been loaded.
    • Added automatically loading of MySQL schema without need to do it manually
    Version 3.2
    • Added BukkitSerializer - Fixes #46
    Version 3.1
    • Adding Locking System
    • Added switch command
    • Added better command handling
    • Added updater
    Version 3.0d
    • Added Permissions for Commands
    • Added Command for saving
    Version 3.0c
    • FIXED: fully recursive serialization of ItemStacks (Issue: #34)
    • FIXED: Reconnect when connection closed
    Special thanks to: @riking
    Version 3.0b
    • Fixed bug with no DataFolder
    Version 3.0
    • initial release of Version 3
    • complete rewrote by manf
    • removed nearly all commands
    • removed Authentificator support (looking forward to add again)
    • Added Abstraction of:
    • Added Compression (See Compression)
    • Added Serialization (See Serialization)
    • Added DatabaseHandler (See Database Handling)
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