Invisibility Tweak 1.0

Remove the effect of potion of invisibility on hit.

  1. HunteR
    This plugin just remove the effect of the potion of invisiblity on hit. It's good for PVP/Faction worlds because the potion is OP at all.

    InvisibilityTweak.exception - It won't remove the invisibility for a player with this permission

    enabledWorlds: world1,world2
    removeInvisibilityFor: ATTACKER (This could be ATTACKER, ATTACKED or BOTH)
    onlyForEntity: PLAYERS (This could be PLAYERS, MOBS, BOTH)
    removeProjectileHit: true (whether to remove invisibility if the hit reason is projectile a.k.a arrows)
    removeForTime: 0 (if you set this higher than 0, it will bring back the invisibility to the entity after seconds you set)
    showMessages: true
    noLongerInvisible: '&cYou are no longer invisible!'
    invisibleAgain: '&aYou are invisible again.'

    Please tell me if you find any bugs.