Invisible Droppers 1.0.3

Have items drop from any location without taking up space!

  1. Rangaofdeath
    Invisible Droppers is a plugin that allows you to be able to use "droppers" without actually placing any down. No pesky wiring or lag from redstone needed.

    Using the select command, you will be able to right click blocks that you want to have drop blocks. If you wish to have the block as an air block, you will need a block there to select then you can remove it. You will then be able to use the drop command to start the countdown.
    /id drop (time)- starts the countdown for dropping (Adding a time overrides the config time and uses what you have defined. You do not need to add a time if you wish to use the time set in config.)
    /id select - enables/disables block selection tool
    /id add (hand)- adds a new item and amount (EX. /id add COAL_ORE,5)
    /id stop - cancels current drop countdown
    /id soon - broadcasts that there will be a drop
    /id clear - clears all locations in config
    /id info - gives the player info about the plugin (locations and items)
    /id force - forces the countdown to 0, if there is one going
    id.admin - grants access to all commands
    Known Bugs:
    • None

    1. Place .jar in plugins folder
    2. Start your server up
    3. Stop your server
    4. Edit the config to your liking
    5. DONE
    - Open to suggestions!
    - Add functionality for meta data (Which would mean all blocks are able to be dropped as well as all potions and such!)
    - Add handling for items that have already been added to the list​

    Please note that editing the config while the server is running will not work. It must be off to make the changes.

    Please let me know what I should fix or add!

Recent Updates

  1. Error Fix
  2. Added Functions // Fixed Errors
  3. Various Exceptions Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Speedfreakmc
    Version: 1.0.3
    Very nice. great for drop party's! Would it be possible to make a dispenser as well? That way we could have them shoot potions instead, or fireworks!
  2. xXkguyXx
    Version: 1.0.1
    The plugin does not load due to a chatcolor.alternative color codes, error!
    1. Rangaofdeath
      Author's Response
      I can load it just fine, please send me the error in a and what version of Spigot you are using on your server.
  3. xXkguyXx
    Version: 1.0.0
    Amazing!could you add like /Id addhand ,this would add the item in your hand .
    1. Rangaofdeath
      Author's Response
      I will be adding that into my next update. Keep a eye on it!