Invisible Droppers 1.0.3

Have items drop from any location without taking up space!

  1. Error Fix

    I have now fixed the error you guys have been reporting. (This is my third attempt to fix) I remove the last try because it worked, but all of the custom messages were gone. That is now fixed.

    I have it working on a home hosted server and a server hosted by MCPH so it should definitely be working.
  2. Added Functions // Fixed Errors

    You can now do:
    /id add hand

    It will add whatever item is in your hand to the item list.

    Hopefully fixed some errors that were reported to me.

    Things to do:
    - Add functionality for meta data (which would mean all blocks are able to be dropped as well as all potions and such!)
    - Add handling for items that have already been added to the list
  3. Various Exceptions Fix

    Fixed some exceptions that needed some handling as well as some performance updates.

    Fixed the plugin canceling all tasks on server, now only cancels its own tasks.

    Will add support for adding a item in hand as well as getting the name of the item in hand.
  4. Config Update

    Fixed config which contained a bug upon initial release.

    Please remember to rate and give me some ideas for the plugin!