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  1. FlailoftheLord
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    • 1.18
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    I noticed a slight annoying issue recently while playing survival.

    Mobs somehow still see you if you're invisible... that's annoying right?
    No more sneaking into the woodland mansion :'(

    So I just had to fix that, I wrote Invisy, a plugin which gives more customizability to the Invisible effect.


    - Invisibility effect works on mobs, making you truly invisible.
    - Vanish command, making you completely dissappear from all players without permission to see you.

    INVISY REQUIRES ProtocolLib.

    Get the latest compatible version from here:

    You can change the settings in the Settings.yml file that generates in the plugin's folder on server startup.

    /invisy reload

    • invisy.silent (join silently when vanished)
    • invisy.command (required to use vanish command and reload the plugin)
    • invisy.vanish (use the vanish command)
    • invisy.see.[0-100]
    • invisy.hide.[0-100]
    where the set number can only see/vanish from a lower numbered permission node.

    Support: If you have any issues or questions, let me know by either direct messaging me, or posting in the discussions tab on this resource.
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