InvLookup 1.3 [1.8.3-1.8.*]

Helps managing Inventorys of Players

  1. Polarfuchs1
    InvLookup helps managing Player Inventorys. You can look in the "normal"
    Inventory without Armor and that Stuff with /lookup <Player>.
    With /sethead <Player> you set the head of the player to the block/helmet in your hand. /setchestplate <Player>, /setleggings <Player>, /setboots <Player> works the same, but only with Armor-Parts.
    The Permissions are:
    for /lookup: ilu.lookup
    for /sethead: ilu.sethead
    for /setchestplate ilu.setchestplate
    for /setleggings ilu.setleggings
    for /setboots: ilu.setboots
    If you like the Plugin, I would be very happy about a donation!
    The sourcecode:

Recent Updates

  1. Optimized sourcecode + NEW ICON + GitHub