InvRestore v1.0

Restore inventories from offline uuids to online uuids

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    ****Your player files need to be converted from offline
    uuids to player names before you run the plugin, use the tool below for conversion****
    Alternatively this tool can be used

    How it works
    1. Take a backup of the player data.
    2. Delete all player data in your world folder.
    3. Convert offline uuids to player name data.
    4. Start up your server, the folders for the plugin should be generated.
    5. Shutdown your server.
    6. Put your converted player data into the /InvRestore/notConverted folder.
    7. When a player logs in their inventory will be restored and their .dat file .will be moved from notConverted to the converted folder.

    Last locations and bed spawns will not be saved.
    Please report any bugs or ask any questions if you have any.
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