Invsee 1.1.1

View the inventories and enderchests of others, as well as your own & Freeze misbehaving players.

  1. jslightham
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    About Invsee

    Invsee provides the ability for an administrator to open other player's inventories, and enderchests in order to better detect cheating or breaking of server rules. Invsee also gives the ability for ingame players to open their own enderchest from a command, as opposed to having to place down an enderchest. A great addition to any survival, faction, towny, prison, etc server.
    What Can It Do?
    • Open own enderchest with command
    • Open other player's enderchests
    • Open other player's inventories
    • Freeze a misbehaving player
    <Optional>, [required]
    /ec <Player> - Open your own enderchest, or the specified player's enderchest, Permission: invsee.enderchest
    /enderchest <Player> - Open your own enderchest, or the specified player's enderchest, Permission: invsee.enderchest
    /invsee [Player] - Open another player's inventory, Permission: invsee.invsee
    /freeze [Player] - Freeze the specified player, Permission: invsee.freeze


    #Message Sent to Console When Command Cannot Be Run By Console
    errorMessage: '&3&bInvsee &7&l> &4You are unable to execute this command!'

    #Message Sent to Player When Missing Permissions
    permissionMessage: '&3&bInvsee &7&l> &4You do not have permission to run this command!'

    #Message Sent When Player is Not Online
    playerOffline: '&3&bInvsee &7&l> &4That player is offline!'

    #Message sent when enderchest opened
    enderchestOpened: '&3&bInvsee &7&l> &aEnderchest Opened!'

    #Message sent when inventory opened
    inventoryOpened: '&3&bInvsee &7&l> &aInventory Opened!'

    #Message Sent When Command is Missing Arguments
    missingArguments: '&3&bInvsee &7&l> &4Command Missing Arguments!'

    #Message Sent When Player is Frozen
    playerFrozen: '&3&bInvsee &7&l> &aPlayer Has Been Frozen!'

    #Message Sent When Player is UnFrozen
    playerUnfrozen: '&3&bInvsee &7&l> &aPlayer Has Been Unfrozen!'

    #Message Sent When Frozen Player Moves
    youFrozen: '&3&bInvsee &7&l> &4You are frozen!'

    • Add command to open shulker boxes
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