IOServerMonitor 1.2

Monitor servers and store status in a database

  1. Doctacosa
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Monitor the status of a Minecraft server by saving it every minute in a MySQL table named `stats_io_servers`. In a Bungee environment, each server can be identified with a different name to get a quick view of the status of your network. The data can then be displayed in a frontend of your choice (not included).

    The data stored is similar to that of a server query, which includes the following:
    • Number of players online
    • Max amount of players allowed
    • List of online players
    • List of plugins installed
    To this are added:
    • Current TPS (Ticks Per Second)
    • Time of last server start
    • Time of the last check
    This is designed to let server admins see the status of their network at a glance. If the last check time isn't updating anymore, it can be a useful clue to warn someone that either a server is offline, or it crashed!

    Saving this information to a database lets you use multiple clients to check on the results without bogging down the servers themselves with constant queries.

    1. Download the plugin and place it in your plugins/ directory.
    2. Start and stop the server to generate the configuration file.
    3. Edit config.yml with your MySQL database information and a unique server ID (string).
    4. Start your server. After a minute, the MySQL table will start getting results.

    Configuration Database host
    database.port: Database port
    database.base: Database name
    database.username: Database username
    database.password: Database password
    server-id: A unique ID for this server



    Why is this plugin reliable?
    I use all of my plugins on my own servers, and I like my plugins to be stable, reliable and low maintenance. Breaks on version upgrades are not expected, but should they happen, they will be quickly fixed.

    Support my work
    If you enjoy my work, I welcome sponsors! I've been running Minecraft servers since 2011, developed several plugins and tools for server owners, and I'm now working my way through releasing many of them. Your support would go a long way toward encouraging me to put more time and effort into this, plus fix any issues that might be discovered over time!

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Recent Updates

  1. Standardize configuration
  2. Add last_start field