IOTrails 1.1

Fun particle trails for players

  1. Doctacosa
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Players, dazzle yourself and others by having fancy particle trails whenever you go!

    Server owners, offer a cosmetic perk to your most valuable players, or let everyone express themselves how they wish!

    This plugin allows Minecraft players to have fancy particle trails wherever they go. The activated trails are stored in a database so that they can be active across multiple servers on a network.

    There are currently 24 different trails available, including new particles introduced in 1.16 - the Nether Update!


    1. Download the plugin and place it in your plugins/ directory.
    2. Start and stop the server to generate the configuration file.
    3. Edit config.yml with your MySQL database information.
    4. Start your version, set permissions and try out /trail!

    Configuration Database host
    database.port: Database port
    database.base: Database name
    database.username: Database username
    database.password: Database password

    trail: Used by authorized players to view the available trails (if no parameter specified), activate one (with the correct name) or turn them off (with the 'off' value).

    iotrails.enable: Access to the /trail command.

    Why is this plugin reliable?
    I use all of my plugins on my own servers, and I like my plugins to be stable, reliable and low maintenance. Breaks on version upgrades are not expected, but should they happen, they will be quickly fixed.

    Support my work
    If you enjoy my work, I welcome sponsors! I've been running Minecraft servers since 2011, developed several plugins and tools for server owners, and I'm now working my way through releasing many of them. Your support would go a long way toward encouraging me to put more time and effort into this, plus fix any issues that might be discovered over time!

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Recent Updates

  1. Standardize configuration