iParkour || An Epic Parkour Adventure 1.0.1

If you'd like to give your players an epic parkour adventure, take a look at me!

  1. TGlev

    So, you looked at other parkour plugins and you saw just weren't finished yet. They missed some small things..
    That's where iParkour comes in! iParkour offers a great experience for your players, besides it adds allot of configurabilty to make it just right for you!

    • All messages configurable
    • Easy setup
    • Fall detection
    • Runs commands on win
    • Leaderboard
    • As much parkours as you'd like
    • Pvp disabled when in parkour
    • Easy editing of your parkour map
    I have made a simple video demonstrating the plugin and explaining the setup proces.

    Below, is the default config of the plugin.
    Code (Text):
    #If true, players can see the leaderboard using /parkour leader.
    Leaderboard: true

    #This is the distance a player has to fall before he gets teleported back
    FallDistance: 3

    #These commands will be executed whenever a player wins a parkour.
      - 'give %PLAYER% 1 64'
      - 'say %PLAYER% won the parkour!'

    #These are all of the messages, colors can be added using the '&' sign.
      PlayerStartedParkour: 'You started the parkour, get to the end ASAP!'
      PlayerFell: 'You fell! Use /parkour leave to leave the parkour!'
      PlayerWon: 'You won in %SECONDS% seconds!'
      PlayerLeftParkour: 'You left the parkour!'

    #All of the parkours will be stored down here.
    When buying this plugin, you agree to the following:
    • You don't decompile the plugin
    • You don't distribute the plugin without my permission
    • There are no refunds.