IPJoin 2

IPJoin is plugin for protection admin's account with IP

  1. DenOwq
    DenOwq, Drae

    IPJoin is a plugin that protects an admin's account against connections from different IP addresses. Everything can be edited and as a bonus plugin records last player's connection in milliseconds.

    Code (Text):
      admin-cmd: 'ipjoin.admin' #permissions for call command /ipjoin
      join: '&cYou can''t join as admin!' #message that shows in Minecraft if player does not have the same IP as the admin
      reload: '&aConfig reloaded!' #message that appears after succes of command /ipjoin reload
      permission: '&cYou don''t have permissions to do that' #message that shows if player doesn't have permissions for call command
      not-online: '&cPlayer is not online' #message that shows if target player is not online
      is-in-database: '&cPlayer is in IPJoin database' #player is in config
      is-not-in-database: '&cPlayer isn''t in IPJoin database' #player is not in config
      player-add: '&cPlayer added to IPJoin database' #message that shows after add command
      player-remove: '&cPlayer removed from IPJoin database' #message that shows after remove command
      example: #Player name / uuid not supported
        ip: # the player ip
        lastjoin: 1446986303565 # automatic set lastjoin in milliseconds

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  1. marek327
    Version: 2
    *EDIT. Verry good plugin, working fine.
    CZ: Se mi nekdo snažil pripojit na učet tak si mě zachranil denowq :D
  2. Zoiter7
    Version: 2
    Very good plugin. Works perfect. Thanks for create this plugin :) You could add command reload also in the console.
    1. DenOwq
      Author's Response
      Thanks i will do it! Check my other resources!
  3. marek327
    Version: 1
    Bad, you can always change your IP or join with BOT or some other connection.
    Dont use this i used this but dont work...
    1. DenOwq
      Author's Response
      You can change ip, on internet service BUT not same what already exist. Stop flame