IPJoinCheck 1.0

denies players from joining from a specific domain IPs

  1. FreakyDev
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This plugin useful when you host a domain and you dont want the old domain to be used

    You can define which domain ips you dont want and the plugin kicks anyone who entered your server from example.com

    currently im facing problems with testing other versions,

    - Customizable hostname
    - Customizable kick message
    - Notify admins on player join with hostname included
    - Custom join messages included (its optional)

    >(Multiple domains coming in next update)<

    How to use the plugin:

    Step 1: After adding the plugin, join from the ip you dont want players to join from, (you will see the ip in the console)

    Note: You will notice that when you join from example.com the hostname that written in console is different, such as: idk-random.example.com.:25567

    Now i will try connecting to whitemc.serv.gs and check what my console prints:
    this is an example hostname

    Step 2: Copy the hostname the console printed for you and paste it in config.yml in disabled_domain (Dont forget to add the port!)

    Step 3: Now type /ijc reload ingame or from your console and try logging in from the hostname you provided,

    Step 4: The server will kick you for the reason provided in the config! have fun


    If you have any problems please dont give bad rate and ask us on my discord server :)
    -> https://discord.gg/ePZgjc3EGU <-

    Currently i need some people to help me with testing my plugins, feel free to join my discord server and talk to me about it <3