iPotions [ 1.10-1.16 ] [ Complete Overhaul ] [ New Update ] 1.3

Create and customize new potions for your server!

  1. Complete Revamp

    • In game GUI has been streamlined
    • ability to create and edit from a gui with online 1 command
    • fixed mutating data which caused configs to corrupt
  2. Fixed some unhandled exceptions

    now if you try and add a potion into the gui that isnt supported, it will stop it from creating an exception
  3. Ingame Configuration Support

    • Ability to create, delete and edit potions with commands/gui
    • Cleaned up unused code
    • Updated tab Completion to help with commands
    • fixed parsing bug
  4. Now Supports Potion Types

    • Now supports potion types
    • new permission ipot.throw which allows access to new potion types