IPUserAccess 1.1.2

IP and User/UUID whitelist/blacklist plugin that works with BungeeCord proxies

  1. SQL SUPPORT and made some updates

    I added MySQL support to the plugin. I updated the front page to show the new configuration. There are no new commands at the moment. To update this plugin, please save all of your settings from your config and then delete it. Restart your server after the install to reload the plugin and generate the new config.

    I updated the reload command to work better. When you generate the new config, if you change the storage_type to 'mysql' and enter the SQL settings, you can just use the reload command and the plugin will connect and generate the database tables.

    I also updated my filters for Whitelist IP and Whitelist User. I realized that while using the whitelist filters, specifically blacklisted users or IPs can still get through. I fixed this. I added a graph in the description to show how the plugin modes work with varying user connections. This is potentially a security issue, so please use the new version.
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