IPWhitelist 1.7-3

Easy IP whitelisting with spigot support

  1. roblabla
    Source: https://github.com/CraftMinecraft/IPWhitelist
    License: MIT
    Dependencies: None

    This plugin aims to be a quick and easy replacement to IPList and OnlyProxyJoin which bypasses the "spigot and bungee IP passing". In other words, think an IPList/OnlyProxyJoin plugin that works with spigot and bungee support. It also strives to be easier to use, providing in-game commands to modify the whitelist.

    How to use :
    1. Install IPWhitelist on every SPIGOT server. This plugin is NOT installed on BungeeCord.
    2. (Optional) Enable IP Forwarding in spigot/bungeecord
    3. Connect to the spigot server through bungeecord
    Assuming you did this correctly, IPWhitelist will detect you are connecting through bungeecord, and whitelist your IP. Once this is done, it will only accept connections connecting through this IP address.

    Commands :
    /ipwl - Gives you a help of other commands
    /ipwl addip <ip> - Adds the IP to the whitelist
    /ipwl remip <ip> - Removes the IP of the whitelist
    /ipwl list - Lists all whitelisted IPs
    /ipwl reload - Reloads the whitelist config.
    /ipwl debug - Enables debug mode, which prints the bungee IP of all connecting users
    /ipwl setup - Enables setup mode. For this to work, you need to have no whitelist IP addresses.

    Permission node :
    ipwhitelist.setup - Access /ipwl command

    Version compability :
    IPWhitelist 1.6-b3 : Spigot 1.7.5, build 1360 and higher only
    IPWhitelist 1.6-b2 : Bukkit and other compatible servers 1.7.2

    Note2 : Feedback is appreciated :)

    Good plugins require caffeine : [​IMG]

Recent Updates

  1. Setup mode included
  2. No more CI
  3. Download server is now jenkins

Recent Reviews

  1. Alonszoo
    Version: 1.7-3
    sirve bien para la 1.8??
    sirve bien para que no entren a mi network saltandose el logeo?
  2. ItzGamingWIthMe
    Version: 1.7-3
    good but did you abandon this project?

  3. SuperNoob123
    Version: 1.7-3
    Do u need to leave set up mode on for it to work? s
  4. BroGoDx
    Version: 1.7-3
    Most usefull bungee protection plugin god bless you

  5. arnuagc
    Version: 1.7-3
    ByPass IPwhitelist:
    este metodo se consigue con el crasher client
    explicacion teorica:
    el IPwhitelist tiene como objetivo proteger una modalidad de que unn usuario entre por su puerto pero...
    que pasaria si usamos el .crash + IP + puerto exacto de la modalidad? (cualquiera menos 25565)
    lo que pasaria es que la IPwhitelist se desactivará por unos momentos y podremos acceder al servidor, pues cuando logras tirar una
    modalidad, esta, debe resetar plugins
  6. SatyaNutella
    Version: 1.7-3
    Excellent plugin, but the automatic setup don't work, but this is not a problem for me, because I can do this manually from config.yml; otherwise excellent plugin, really appreciated when blocks griefers like PoloSquad & CodeSpoofing, thank you for this nice plugin!
  7. SrLeojaco
    Version: 1.7-3
    Must have plugin for server network. It must be updated to fix "you logged in from another location"
  8. Elguerrero
    Version: 1.7-3
    In english: As much as people who have a bypass say, I do not believe it,is an excellent plugin to protect your network!:)
    En español: Por mucho que diga la gente que tiene bypass no me lo creo,es un excelente plugin para proteger tu network!:)
  9. Effo12345
    Version: 1.7-3
    Worked absolutely flawlessly and exactly as expected. Protects servers wonderfully and it works great for BungeeCord!
  10. JimmyFPE
    Version: 1.7-3
    Me ayudan? Tengo un problema con mi ipwhitelist, tengo mi BungeeCord con IP sin puerto y con puerto y mi bungeesauth con la misma IP pero diferente puerto y también mi lobby con la misma IP y diferente puerto, mi IP es de esta con esta cantidad dígitos. XX.XX.XX.XX y no me reconoce la IP, ¿Por qué? Anterior mente tenía lo mismo pero con la IP de esta cantidad de dígitos. XXX.XXX.X.XXX y si me funcionaba, ayuda!


    They help me? I have a problem with my ipwhitelist, I have my BungeeCord with IP without port and with port and my bungeesauth with the same IP but different port and also my lobby with the same IP and different port, my IP is of this with this number digits. XX.XX.XX.XX and I do not recognize the IP, why? Previously I had the same thing but with the IP of this number of digits. XXX.XXX.X.XXX and if it worked, help!