IPWhiteListBukkit [1.7-1.15] - Extension for IPWhiteList for the best security! 2.1

This is an extension for IPWhiteList installed on Spigot servers. Tested with knew bypass client.

  1. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.6 - Logging, MySQL connection, config changes, more security.

    - Logging: plugin-separate logging system added. From this update, in plugin folder generates new "logs" folder in which are log files. These logs are plugin-separate, that means there are only IPWhiteListBukkit's log messages and all errors, so troubleshooting can be easier. More info about logging is available on wiki.

    - MySQL connection: new connection type has been added, MYSQL. Pretty the same as YML, except the data is stored in the database. Recommended for only localhost databases with small latency.

    If you find any problems with MySQL connection, please send me a message! This is for second time I am working with databases.

    - Config changes: besides new configuration for new features, config was renewed by message-side. Please delete the old one and let plugin create new one for you.

    - More security: from now, IPWhiteListBukkit also detects and kicks player if connecting as already online player, as mentioned in the discussion thread as new feature idea.
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