IPWhiteListBukkit [1.7-1.15] - Extension for IPWhiteList for the best security! 1.9

This is an extension for IPWhiteList installed on Spigot servers. Tested with knew bypass client.

  1. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.9 - Security exploits fixed, switched to UUIDs.

    - Security exploits fixed: New security exploits in updating data in MySQL databases were fixed.

    - Switched to UUIDs: Since the first point, there was an option to change the stored data from nicknames to UUIDs, which is implemented in this update.
  2. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.8 - Reload command.

    - Reload command: there was a problem when running /ipwlb command (reload command) with MYSQL connection type.
  3. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.7 - MySQL connection inactivity.

    - MySQL connection inactivity: after certain amount of seconds of connection inactivity (defined by your database server), the connection is automatically closed by the database server. This is now fixed by getting the timeout and repeating task which sends queries to keep the connection alive (repeating delay is set by the obtained session timeout).
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  4. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.6 - Logging, MySQL connection, config changes, more security.

    - Logging: plugin-separate logging system added. From this update, in plugin folder generates new "logs" folder in which are log files. These logs are plugin-separate, that means there are only IPWhiteListBukkit's log messages and all errors, so troubleshooting can be easier. More info about logging is available on wiki.

    - MySQL connection: new connection type has been added, MYSQL. Pretty the same as YML, except the data is stored in the database. Recommended for only localhost...
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  5. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.5 - Version support, automatic reconnection fix.

    - Version support: support for server versions 1.7 and 1.15 was added.

    - Automatic reconnection fix: automatic reconnection feature was fixed; sometimes it didn't reconnect automatically.
  6. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.4 - Automatic reconnection, errors fixed, connection failure detection, config.

    - Automatic reconnection: when connection failes, IPWhiteListBukkit automatically reconnects.

    - Errors fixed: errors that may have show in the server console are now fixed.

    - Connection failure detection: when connection failes, IPWhiteListBukkit notices that and tries to reconnect automatically.

    - Config: added new configuration.
  7. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.3 - New command, configuration changes.

    - New command: From this version, also command /ipWhiteListBukkit and /ipwlb are present. By running them you can reload file or socket connection (as set in config.yml), so you don't need to restart servers from now.

    - Configuration changes: With new command, new configuration added.
  8. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.2 - Completely new system using sockets.

    - Completely new system using sockets: From this version, socket communication has been added. Now you don't have to search for the path, just set up the ports and there you go, with the faster and more reliable way! However, the file communication as it's been till now is also available.

    - Config changes: the whole config.yml file has been recreated, please delete it and let the plugin create new one for you.

    Please download the latest version of the IPWhiteList plugin for this to...
  9. IPWhiteListBukkit 1.1 - Path checker, path code ../ support.

    - Path checker: From this version, when plugin enables, it will print message to console saying if the path specified in config.yml is good or not. If you think the plugin is not working, please check that.

    - Path code ../ support: Added support for ../ (parent directory) code, mostly used in Linux.
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