Iridium Skyblock [1.13-1.17] 3.0.8

A New Era of Skyblock plugins

  1. Version 3.0.8 See Below

    • Per-Placeholder Default Values
    • Added Perms as an alias to permissions
    • Added UserJoinEvent
    • Delete duplicates from Database
    • Added IslandTopPlaceholders
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  2. Version 3.0.7 See Below

    • Fixed issues with island borders
    • Fixed Island Top Teleporting
    • Fixed issues with large islands lagging GUI's out
    • Fixed issues with flashing Inventories
    • Fixed issues with nether world border
    • Added ability to bypass correctly
    • Add Block limit upgrade
    • Fix unsupported biome selection
    • Fix ore generator NullPointerException
    • Fix mission issues with ores in the 1.17
    • Fix entity spawning on foreign islands
    • Add Obsidian -> Lava Bucket
    • Fix projectile message...
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  3. Version 3.0.6 See Below

    • Fixed issues with island borders
    • Added support for inventory title Placeholders
    • Added cooldowns for commands
    • Fixed bank command issues
    • Fixed NPE
    • Made /is top GUI async
    • Fixed issues with safe locations
    • Fixed Mission Requirements
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  4. Looks like I uploaded the wrong jar

    Looks like I uploaded the wrong jar
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  5. Version 3.0.5 See Below

    Fixed issues with not being able to break crops
    Added config for Island Ranks
    Added Support for RoseStacker
    Added ability to rename Island
    Added Island Chat
    Fixed Issues with private islands
    Made inventories get head data async
    Fixed issues with command Syntax
    Made commands reload successfully
    Added borders.yml
    Fixed being able to interact with redstone
    Added ability to change Island Biomes
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  6. Version 3.0.4 See Below

    [+] Added 1.17 Support
    [+] Added Island Levelup Rewards
    [+] Added option to clear chests on island regen
    [+] Added more island bank subcommands
    [+] Added Support for RoseStacker WildStacker and other stacker plugins
    [*] Fixed Issue with not being able to Disable Commands
    [*] Fixed issues with 1.8
    [*] Fixed issues with MissionsGUI
    [*] Fixed PAPI reload issues
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  7. HotFix

  8. Version 3.0.2 See Below

    [+] Added island member upgrade
    [*] Made island distance automatically update if below minimum
    [*] Fixed bug with config files
    [*] Fixed 1.8-1.12 Support
    [*] Optimized Island Recalculate
  9. HotFix

    HotFix - Fixed issue with paperlib errors
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  10. Version 3.0.1 See Below

    [+] Added Chat Placeholders
    [+] Added option to clear inventories on regen
    [*] Fixed Shop Rounding Bug
    [*] Fixed Island Bank Rewards not being added
    [*] Fixed Essentials Spawn Issue
    [*] Fixed Major issue in 3.0.0
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