Iridium Skyblock [1.8-1.14] 2.2.2

Iridium Skyblock : Skyblock Redefined

  1. Version 2.2.2 See Below

    • Fixed issues with some schematics
    • Fixed typo with placeholders
    • Fixed config error with Inventories.json
    • Added boolean to allow water to be placed in the nether
    • Added different message for /is visit
    • Fixed issues with Deluxe Chat
    • Made clearInventories false by default
    • Fixed Issues with VisitGUI
    • Fixed Issues with island flight
    • Fixed Issues with /is coop
    • Fixed Typo's
    • Changed way IslandManager Saves + Implemented an automatic Island Backup
    • Fixed...
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  2. Version 2.2.1 See Below

    Fixed critical error introduced in 2.2.0 Causing the IslandManager not to save the next island location properly, This caused some islands to be overwritten if the server reloaded.

    • Fixed issue with Confirmation GUI
    • Added option to reset upgrades & Boosters on /is regen
    • Added Configurable Slots
    • Added Option to change GUI Size
    • Made it so if the islands will overlap, the distance in config.json will change
    • Added Daily Interest on the island bank
    • Added option to...
  3. Version 2.2.0 See Below

    Warning: Your Missions.json will reset

    • Added reset as an alias to Regen command
    • Added island_top_level_# placeholder
    • Added Configuration to help messages
    • Added soft dependencies for chat plugins
    • Added island chat
    • Added island bank placeholders
    • Fixed bug with Users names
    • Added Permission option for killMobs
    • Fixed NPE with CoopGUI
    • Fixed issue with Flight Booster
    • Optimisation
    • Added option to...
  4. Version 2.1.9 See Below

    Warning: Your Upgrades.json and Boosters.json will reset
    • Fixed Issue with /is coop
    • Added /is coop to permissions
    • Added option to configure the Island Created Title
    • Added Config option for "Max Level Reached" Message
    • Added option to configure yes/no messages for ConfirmationGUI
    • Added option to configure background item for all GUI's
    • Added CO-OP Inventory
    • Added setname command
    • Redid Upgrades config to allow...
  5. Version 2.1.8 See Below

    • Added the ability for players to open other islands warp menu
    • Fixed issue with Placeholders
    • Added transfer command
    • Fixed issue where ungrown crops count towards missions
    • Added island menu
    • Fixed issue with per world inventories
    • Added admin command
    • Added clickable /is join messages
    • Fixed bug in /is permissions
    • Added default permissions
    • Added /is Givebooster command
    • Added separate generator for nether
    • Added formatting to placeholders
    • Added option...
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  6. Version 2.1.7 See Below

    • Made the player teleport to the island they fall off not their island
    • Added Config Option & Permissions for void teleport
    • Added Using Nether Portal to /is permissions
    • Fixed issue where people cant break blocks outside sky block world
    • Fixed Issues with Vault
    • Fixed typo in Inventories.json
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  7. Version 2.1.6 See Below

    • /is help Configurability
    • Added Update Message
    • Fixed issue with (some) 1.13 Schematics
    • Made the schematic do light updates
    • Cleared players inventory on /is regen and /is delete
    • Added Vault Support
    • Added More Placeholders
    • Added island permissions
    • Added Boosters time configurability
    • Fixed Issues with world border
    • Fixed NPE With permissions GUI
    • Fixed issues with Schematics GUI
    • Bug Fixes
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  8. Version 2.1.5 See Below

    • Added MVDWPlaceholderAPI Support
    • Fixed "Flickering" effect
    • Bug fix with mission GUI's
    • Moved GUI titles out from the Config.json and into Inventories.json
    • Hidden commands players dont have access to
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  9. Version 2.1.4 See Below

    • Fixed Errors
    • Sent the Player to spawn on /is delete
    • Added WildStacker Support
    • Fixed Island Sizes being 1 block to short
    • Fixed Mistake in /is upgrades causing it to have no background
    • Fixed A bug with selecting the schematics causing it to crash
    • Added Nether Islands
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  10. Version 2.1.3 See Below

    • Added Upgrades Gui to Inventory.json
    • Fixed world Generation (hopefully)
    • Fixed config error with Missions GUI
    • Fixed issue executing some commands such as /is reload
    • Updated /is top to run on blocks per sec instead of layers
    • Fixed World Border
    • Fixed the title being shown before the player has chosen a schematic
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