iShop 2.15

Item trading shops with unique GUI! Easy to use & configure!

  1. beez0r
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Highly customizable
    Only Minecraft 1.17+ versions are supported for iShop v2.15+


    • iShop is continued development of Trading Shops GUI Free plugin created by Chistian95, as TradingShops has been discontinued
    • More features, item slots, fixes, optimizations, and config options!
    • Previous TradingShops databases will continue to work automatically if placed in iShop plugin folder (always backup files/database before attempting), but config.yml delete and regeneration required!
    • Unique shop GUI that will only trade items, cannot use money/currency
    • iShop v2.15+ only supports Minecraft 1.17+ versions, previous Minecraft versions may use v2.14 or below at your own risk
    • Bedrock players via Geyser plugin now compatible with any characters within username
    • 2 item slots to trade or sell with, 4 total!
    • 5 rows of item trades per shop
    • List every shop in the server within GUI using /shop shops
    • Shop list will show owner player heads with skin and shop id number
    • Stock Inventory can now be accessed by clicking chest item in Shop GUI if enableStockAccessFromShopGUI is true
    • Shops with items out of stock can be listed with command /shop out
    • Easy to setup, use, and configure!
    • SQLite database used for saving shops and stock
    • Delay loading of shops database to any amount of time! Useful if custom worlds or other plugins take time to load during server startup
    • All known and reported dupes/bugs have been fixed, making this plugin very secure and reliable!
    • Clickable MANAGE & SHOP text when using /shop list to manage or remotely shop
    • Clickable Previous & Next text when using /shop sold to view missed shop messages
    • Only shop owners or ishop.admin can place/break item frames or signs on shop blocks! Sneaking (holding shift key) required to place but not break
    • Highly customizable options and messages in configuration file
    • If shopBlock and stockBlock are identical in config, shop GUI will open if enableShopBlock is true
    • You are able to set an unlimited amount of blocks as shop or stock GUI blocks
    • Set a range limit from shops that players must be within to access stock inventory
    • Disable creating shops with worlds listed in config!
    • Disable trading of listed items in shops (including within shulkers & bundles)
    • Shop block will activate GUI if left or right clicked
    • Stock block will activate GUI only if left clicked! Blocks like composters, ender chest, or anything usable can still be used and also be a stock block!
    • Stock blocks can only be destroyed if sneaking (holding shift key)
    • Admins are able to remotely manage player shops and stock
    • Admin shops have broadcast option in GUI that will display shop purchases in chat
    • Players will receive a message if they are online and someone tries to buy an out of stock item!
    • If enableShopSoldMessage is true, shop owners can type /shop sold for missed shop messages
    • Shop sold messages will clear on server restart or using /shop sold clear
    • Items can be put into a shulker box and traded to accommodate more item trading while saving shop space!
    • Disable shop or stock blocks in config and only use commands instead!
    • Item frames and items within will be protected from explosions, signs are not protected
    • Config option to control if players cannot access stock GUI unless they have at least 1 shop setup
    • Supports GriefPrevention!
    • If enableWorldGuardFlag is set to true in the config, create a region with WorldGuard and set the flag ishop to allow users to create a shop in that region
    How to use iShop

    • To create a shop, target an available shop block (barrel by default) and type /shop create
    • To delete a shop, target desired shop block and type /shop delete
    • Stock your shops with items by left clicking on stock block (composter by default) or if enabled type /shop stock
    • To list your shops with location and id, type /shop list
    • To manage your shops if remoteManage is set to true, type /shop manage <id>
    • You can also manage your shops by left or right clicking any of your own shops
    • To create an admin shop that does not need stock, target an available shop block and type /shop adminshop
    • If /shop command is being used by another plugin, you are able to use /ishop instead
    • Admins can create shops for players that will always bypass max shop limit by typing /shop createshop <player>
    • Shops with no trades will be automatically deleted when the server restarts
    Steps to create trades for your shop:
    1. Left or Right click on your shop block or if enabled type /shop manage <id>
    2. Click on green create item (lime dye)
    3. Drag the items YOU WANT TO SELL to the left slots and drag back to your inventory
    4. Drag PRICE FOR YOUR ITEMS to the right slots and drag back to inventory
    5. Click on green create item (lime dye)
    Delete trades by clicking on TNT delete item!

    General Commands:
    /shop count <item> -- count amount of given item in stock inventory
    /shop create -- Creates player shop at the targeted location
    /shop delete -- Deletes shop at the targeted location
    /shop deleteid <id> -- Deletes a shop you own with the given id number
    /shop list -- Shows list of your shops with location
    /shop manage <id> -- Manage your player shop with given id if remoteManage is true
    /shop out -- List shops with rows and items that are out of stock
    /shop stock <page> -- Manage your own stock remotely if enableStockCommand is true
    /shop shops -- List every shop in the server with owner player head skins and shop id number
    /shop sold <page/clear> -- Show missed shop messages with optional page or clear them
    /shop view <id> -- View a players shop remotely if remoteShopping is true

    Admin Commands:
    /shop adminshop -- Creates an admin shop that does not require stock at the targeted location
    /shop createshop <player> -- Create shop for given player at targeted location bypassing any shop limits
    /shop delete -- Deletes shop at the targeted location
    /shop deleteid <id> -- Deletes shop with given id number
    /shop list <player> -- Shows a list of given players shops with location
    /shop listadmin -- Shows list of admin shops
    /shop manage <id> -- Remotely manage players shop with given id
    /shop managestock <player> <page> -- Remotely manage stock of given player
    /shop out <player> -- List shops with rows and items that are out of stock for given player
    /shop reload -- Reload plugin configuration file. Console can use this command

    ishop.admin -- Allows use of admin commands and access
    ishop.create -- Allows players to create a shop if usePermissions is set to true
    ishop.create.limit.bypass -- Allows players to bypass shop limit
    ishop.create.limit.n -- Replace n with number desired as max shop limit; i.e. ishop.create.limit.5
    ishop.stock -- Allows use of /shop stock command bypassing any restrictions

    If usePermissions is set to false, all players can create shops up to defaultShopLimit set in config

    Optional Dependencies

    • WorldGuard -- To create regions for the shops
    • Vault -- To add a price for "/shop create" command
    Configuration File
    • Config file automatically updates to newer version!
    • Config delete still recommended for updated comments!
    # iShop -
    # The block you want to open the shop GUI
    # Shop GUI will be activated only by left or right click

    shopBlock: 'minecraft:barrel'

    # The block you want to open the stock GUI
    # Stock GUI will be activated only by left clicking

    stockBlock: 'minecraft:composter'

    # Allows the use of shop blocks. Setting to false will disable players using specified shop block to open shop GUI
    # WARNING: Setting to false will allow breaking of existing shop blocks without deleting shop!

    enableShopBlock: true

    # Enable more than 1 shop block adding unlimited blocks listed below if true
    # WARNING: Removing previously set blocks from this list will allow breaking of existing shop blocks without deleting shop!

    multipleShopBlocks: false
    - minecraft:chest
    - minecraft:crafting_table

    # Allows the use of stock blocks. Setting to false will disable players using specified stock block to open stock GUI

    enableStockBlock: true

    # Enable more than 1 stock block adding unlimited blocks listed below if true
    multipleStockBlocks: false
    - minecraft:ender_chest
    - minecraft:jukebox

    # Disable trading of listed items below if true
    disabledItems: false
    - TNT

    # Disable creating shops in worlds listed below if true
    disableShopInWorld: false
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end

    # This enables admin shops that don't need stock. Created by typing /shop adminshop, requires ishop.admin permission
    enableAdminShop: true

    # Set player head for admin shops when listing using UUID. Default is 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

    adminPlayerHeadShops: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

    # Enable clickable chest item in self owned shop gui that will access stock
    enableStockAccessFromShopGUI: true

    # Allows players to access the stock GUI by typing /shop stock
    # Players with ishop.stock permission will bypass if disabled

    enableStockCommand: true

    # Number of pages to have in the stock GUI
    stockPages: 5

    # Enable sending of messages when players have purchased or sold item(s) from shops
    enableShopNotifications: true

    # Enable sending of missed sold item(s) from shops by using command /shop sold
    enableShopSoldMessage: true

    # Enable saving ALL shop sold messages instead of only messages while player is offline
    enableSavingAllShopSoldMessages: true

    # Enable sending of message when player connects if items have been sold while offline
    enableSoldNotificationOnJoin: true

    # Only send sold notification 1 time when players first connects until they use /shop sold clear or server restarts
    onlyNotifySoldOnceUntilClear: true

    # Delay time in seconds after connecting to notify player of '/shop sold'
    soldNotificationsDelayTime: 5

    # Automatically clear shop sold list when player reaches end of list
    autoClearSoldListOnLast: false

    # Enable sending of messages to shop owners if item(s) are out of stock when players try to purchase
    enableOutOfStockMessages: true

    # Time in seconds before shop owner receives another message about being out of stock when someone tries to buy item(s)
    noStockCooldown: 300

    # Require player to own at least 1 shop to access stock
    mustOwnShopForStock: true

    # Amount of money needed to create a shop
    # Set to 0 to disable

    createCost: 0.0

    # Amount of money returned when deleting a shop
    # Set to 0 to disable

    returnAmount: 0.0

    # Amount of days a player is inactive before deleting their shops
    # Set to 0 to disable

    maxInactiveDays: 0

    # List of player UUID's that will be exempt from shops expiring if maxInactiveDays is set above 0
    - 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

    # Delete block that the shop is located at when deleting a shop
    deleteBlock: false

    # Show particle effects on active shop blocks
    showParticles: true

    # Required to set the ishop flag in the regions for it to work
    # Only works if WorldGuard is installed

    enableWorldGuardFlag: false

    # Set whether you want to use permission nodes or not
    # Setting to false will allow any player to create a shop up to defaultShopLimit
    # Set to true if you have a permission plugin

    usePermissions: false

    # Only works if usePermissions is set to false
    # If it's set to true, then you'll need to edit the limit via permission nodes for example; ishop.create.limit.5
    # Set to -1 to disable shop limit

    defaultShopLimit: 5

    # Allow everyone to remotely manage their own player shops using "/shop manage <id>" command
    remoteManage: true

    # Allow everyone to use "/shop view <id>" command to view other players shop remotely
    remoteShopping: true

    # Allow everyone to use "/shop list <player>" command to view full list of given players shops with location
    publicListCommand: false

    # Allow everyone to use "/shop shops" command to view all found player shops
    publicShopListCommand: true

    # This will show admin shops when using "/shop shops" -- Requires server restart if config option changed!
    adminShopPublic: true

    # Setting this to false will hide shops that player owns when using command "/shop shops"

    publicShopListShowsOwned: true

    # Allow shop owners and admins to place item frames and signs on shop blocks when sneaking
    placeItemFrameSigns: true

    # Setting to true will protect shop blocks from explosions
    protectShopBlocksFromExplosions: true

    # Delay loading of shops database in seconds. This is useful if you have shops in custom worlds that take time to load during server startup
    # WARNING: During load delay time, shop & stock blocks will NOT be protected! Default is 0 for no delay

    shopsDatabaseLoadDelay: 0

    # Set a range limit stock block(s) must be within player owned shop block(s) distance to access stock inventory
    # Default is 0 for disabled

    stockRangeLimitFromShop: 0

    # Set to true if you would like '/shop stock' command range limit to be enforced using stockRangeLimitFromShop distance
    stockRangeLimitUsingCommand: false

    # Customizable Messages
    adminShop: "Admin Shop #%id"
    adminShopDisabled: "&cAdmin shops have been disabled!"
    broadcastOff: "Broadcast OFF"
    broadcastOn: "Broadcast ON"
    buy: "&7You bought&a %in &7for&c %out&7!"
    buyAction: "BUY"
    buyTitle: "PRICE TO BUY ITEMS [SLOT 1]"
    buyTitle2: "PRICE TO BUY ITEMS [SLOT 2]"
    createShopTitle: "Create shop trades!"
    createTitle: "CREATE"
    deleteTitle: "DELETE"
    disabledShopBlock: "&cCannot create shop location when shop blocks are disabled!"
    existingShop: "&cCannot create shop where existing shop is already located!"
    foundShops: "&6Found&a %shops &6shop(s) for player:&a %p"
    location: "&6Shop&a %id &6location XYZ: "
    noItems: "&cYou do not have enough item(s) to buy from this shop!"
    noMoney: "&cYou do not have enough money to create a shop! You need at least &o$"
    noPermissions: "&cYou do not have permission for this command!"
    noPlayerFound: "&cPlayer cannot be found!"
    noPlayerShop: "&cPlayer name does not exist! Cannot list player shop!"
    noRemoteManage: "&cRemote management of shops has been disabled!"
    noRemoteShops: "&cRemote shopping has been disabled!"
    normalShop: "%player%'s Shop #%id"
    noShopFound: "&cNo shop can be found!"
    noShopStock: "&cCannot access stock because you do not have any shops!"
    noStock: "&cThis shop is currently out of stock of that item(s)!"
    noStockNotify: "&cOne of your shops is currently out of stock! &o(%s)"
    page: "Page"
    playerInventoryFull: "&cYour inventory is FULL! Cannot buy any items!"
    playerShopCreated: "&7Shop has been &aCREATED&7 for&a %p &7!"
    reload: "&7Configuration file reloaded."
    sell: "&7%p has bought&7&c %in &7for&a %out&7!"
    sellTitle: "ITEMS FOR SALE [SLOT 1]"
    sellTitle2: "ITEMS FOR SALE [SLOT 2]"
    shopBusy: "&6Shop is currently busy, try again soon!"
    shopCreated: "&7Targeted shop has been &aCREATED&7!"
    shopDeleted: "&7Targeted shop has been &cDELETED&7!"
    shopIDDeleted: "&cShop id&a %id &chas been DELETED!"
    shopIntegerError: "&cShop id must be an integer greater than 0!"
    shopLimit: "&cYou do not have permission or have reached your shop limit!"
    shopNotOwned: "&cYou do not own this shop!"
    stockCommandDisabled: "&cThe /shop stock command has been disabled!"
    stockTitle: "Shop Stock Inventory"
    targetMismatch: "&cTargeted block must match set shop block!"
    clickManage: "&eMANAGE"
    clickShop: "&eSHOP"
    listAdminShop: "&6Listing all found admin shops:"
    noAdminShopsFound: "&cNo admin shops have been found!"
    noShopBlock: "&cshopBlock cannot be empty! Reverting to default minecraft:barrel"
    noStockBlock: "&cstockBlock cannot be empty! Reverting to default minecraft:composter"
    notPlayer: "&cOnly players in the game can use shop commands!"
    shopListTitle: "Shops List"
    shopNumber: "%player shop #%id"
    shopListDisabled: "&cShops list has been disabled!"
    adminShopNumber: "Admin shop #%id"
    noStockButton: "&cItem(s) out of stock!"
    stockIntegerError: "&cStock page must be an integer greater than 0!"
    soldClear: "&6Sold shop items list has been&c cleared"
    soldCommandDisabled: "&cShop sold command has been disabled"
    soldHeader: "&6Sold items while offline or last server restart (Page %p):"
    soldIntegerError: "&cSold page must be an integer greater than 0!"
    soldJoinNotify: "&6Type &a/shop sold&6 to see sold items or use &a/shop sold clear"
    soldNothing: "&cNo shop trades found while offline or since server restart"
    soldPages: "&7Page %p"
    soldPagesNext: " &7>> &6Next"
    soldPagesPrevious: "&6Previous &7<< "
    disabledWorld: "&cCreating shops in the world you are in has been disabled!"
    listOutOfStock: "&6Listing shops out of stock:"
    notOutOfStock: "&aNo shops found that are out of stock!"
    outOfStock: "&6Shop&a #%shop Row %row &6is out of stock"
    outOfStockRange: "&cYou are too far away from your shop(s) to access stock inventory!"
    countAmount: "&aTotal amount of %item found: %amount"
    countEmpty: "&cCannot find any %item in stock inventory!"
    countError: "&cGiven item to search stock for does not exist!"
    outsideRegion: "&cCannot create shop outside of ishop region!"

    # Do not edit this!
    configVersion: 3.1
    Special Thanks
    • To senseiwells for extensive testing, very much appreciated!
    Test Server
    • Connect to and type /tpshop
    • Please visit our sponsor for Ryzen 9 5950X Minecraft Server Hosting!

    Help and Support

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      I cannot help you with any feature requests, issues, or questions in the reviews section, since you can't reply to my review response. Reviews are not for help or support; the support communication methods are listed above as Help and support or you can post in the discussion thread
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