Island Border (ASkyblock / BentoBox / uSkyBlock / AcidIsland) Build 1

Border Colors, Cooldown, MySQL and Much More!

  1. MrDarkness462
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13

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    Compatible with: Spigot, PaperSpigot, CraftBukkit
    Required Spigot / PaperSpigot / CraftBukkit Version: 1.8.3 - 1.13.2
    Required (Depend): BentoBox / ASkyBlock / uSkyBlock / AcidIsland
    Required BentoBox / ASkyBlock / uSkyBlock / AcidIsland Version: Latest
    Optional (Soft-Depend): PlaceholderAPI / MVdWPlaceholderAPI

    ⦁ Player Border
    - Creates a border around the player island.

    ⦁ Plugins Supported
    - uSkyBlock
    - BentoBox (BSkyBlock / AcidIsland addon)
    - ASkyBlock
    - AcidIsland

    ⦁ Cooldown System
    When toggling or modifying the border color, a cooldown it's applied. The cooldown can be changed or deactivated from Settings.yml.

    ⦁ Colored Border
    You can choose between 3 colors: Red, Green, Blue from command or gui.

    ⦁ Nether Border (Requires at least 1.12)
    The border is now showed in nether.

    ⦁ MySQL and SQLite
    - MySQL stores large amount of data (good for big servers)
    - SQLite stores a considerable amount of data (good for smaller servers)

    ⦁ Gui
    Toggling and changing border color from gui. It can be edited from Gui.yml and ColorGui.yml.

    ⦁ PlaceholderAPI
    - %isborder_status% displays if the border is toggled.
    - %isborder_size% displays the island size.
    - %isborder_color% displays the current border color.

    ⦁ MVdWPlaceholderAPI
    - {isborder_status} displays if the border is toggled.
    - {isborder_size} displays the island size.
    - {isborder_color} displays the current border color.

    ⦁ Language Support
    The plugin has internally:
    - English by MrDarkness462 (The developer)
    - Romanian by MrDarkness462 (The developer)
    Polish by Bartiser & Marcelektro#9366 (Discord)
    - Russian by KhiZaRix
    - Italian by Mr_Cookies
    - Traditional Chinese by Hkwingcwf
    - Simplified Chinese by QuanShi
    - Turkish by Halil
    - Spanish by ItzDeathSaD_




    Play.Melacraft.Com / Mc.Melacraft.Com

    /ISBorder Help Prints the Help Message
    /ISBorder GUI for Toggling Island Border
    /ISBorder Toggle Toggles the Border
    /ISBorder On/Off Toggles the Border On/Off
    /ISBorder Reload Reloads Messages and Gui
    /ISBorder SetColor <Blue, Red, Green> Changes the border color

    ⦁ ISBorder.* Access to the entire plugin
    ⦁ ISBorder.Help Access to Help command
    ⦁ ISBorder.Gui Access to Gui command
    ⦁ ISBorder.Color.Gui Access to Color Gui
    ⦁ ISBorder.Color Access to all border colors
    ⦁ ISBorder.Color.<Red, Green, Blue> Access to all border colors
    ⦁ ISBorder.Toggle Access to toggle border via gui
    ⦁ ISBorder.Reload Access to reload the plugin​



    [] You are not allowed to resell or decompile this plugin
    [] You are not permited to reverse engine or modify the plugin in any form
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    5 star rate without hesitating!!!!
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    It's a great plugin! I just wish that other people can see other peoples border!
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    Version: Build 1
    Nice job, but plz SkyBlockEarth support.
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    Version: Build 1
    Great plugin !
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    Version: Build 1
    Best Plugin i could possibly ever have used on my server for Skyblock, It is unbelievable what little things u can do on a server and makes it look so much better!

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    I use upgrade plugin on my server players can update island size, its working with an upgradging island size? (sorry for bad eng)
  7. MelaniumAS
    Version: Build 1
    De los mejores plugins para bordes
    Usándolo en mi Servidor
    (Por favor agrégalo)
    1. MrDarkness462
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review.
      Those 2 ip's where added on the page!
  8. tpelaaja
    Version: Build 1
    Works best on 1.8 and up! We use it on SkyBlock Jurassic, Kingdom and all of your skyblock realms! We are one of the servers! If you want to come test and see the plugin using on your server join!
  9. CrackerCraft
    Version: Build 1
    Works best on 1.12.2 with ProtocolSupport or viaversion!

    We love it! Its now on our Skyblock Space, Skyblock Dessert, Skyblock Lava, Skyblock Classic, and Skyblock Acid!!!!! 150% recommendation. Server address: Good work :)
    1. MrDarkness462
      Author's Response
      Glad to hear!
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    Version: Build 1
    Love this plugin! Works perfect and nothing seems wrong thx MrDarkness :) :) :) :)