Island World (Skyblock replacement) Island World v8.0

Best skyblock plugin ;-)

  1. Gnacik
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12


    From version 6.9 challenges are not longer availabe in IW plugin. Support is moved to separate plugin.

    From version 7.0 some features are added into plugin using simple addons. Right now we have:


    IslandWorld is powerful and best skyblock plugin for your server.
    You can run "classic" version 'skyblock like', after simple change you can make islands on sea or even lava world.
    You will find lots of configuration things and you can decide about many behaviours of plugin.

    or check our video guides:




    Important informations:


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Recent Updates

  1. Island World v8.0
  2. Island World v7.9
  3. Island World 7.8

Recent Reviews

  1. AeSix
    Version: Island World v8.0
    I understand you wish to wait for a 1.13.2 release, however I fear that may never come. Please re-consider as many networks are waiting to update their one skyblock server.

    Yes, no one should be running servers on dev builds of Spigot, however, Paper has been released, and honestly Spigot is quite stable as well. There's no reason to artificially withhold a 1.13.x build of IslandWorld.

    Once this updates to be usable on 1.13.2, I will consider giving 5 stars again. It's a good plugin, even if it does have issues with other plugins. But at this point, the majority of my players have left, because IslandWorld isn't updated and thus I cannot offer 1.13.2 items to players on my skyblock server. If there will be no update, it would be beneficial for myself (and others) to look at BSkyBlock and Bentobox. Which I'm seriously considering doing.

    There is always a drastic delay in updates, especially for new server versions where the plugin is broken. I honestly cannot recommend this to anyone who wishes to run any kind of public server.
  2. Borc55
    Version: Island World v8.0
    Deserves more attention.
    I haven't seen a better skyblock plugin, this one is easy to setup and has everything you might need.
    Can't wait for 1.13 to be supported.
  3. MxMC_Gaming
    Version: Island World v8.0
    Great plugin! Do you plan on updating it to 1.13? I really do enjoy the plugin and it's features.
  4. Provensis
    Version: Island World v8.0
    Nice and simple system. Let's you configure much more than other skyblock plugins.
    1. Gnacik
  5. FrostTaco
    Version: Island World v7.9
    Great plugin, the developers also really helpful, and helps fix bugs quickly. My only suggestion is to remove /islandev challenges but other than that, theirs nothing wrong with it.
    1. Gnacik
  6. fusionxx23
    Version: Island World 7.7
    Do not download this plugin. This is the worst plugin event. You will be getting random chunks of flat world all over your islandworld. Do not download it will cause you so many issues.
    1. Gnacik
      Author's Response
      Don't blame plugin if you cant correctly create empty world.
  7. LewisPotato
    Version: Island World 7.4
    Probably the best Skyblock plugin around.

    Nice and simple, no confusing GUI's.

    This plugin is inspired by my server! :)
    1. Gnacik
  8. glavrak
    Version: Island World 7.2
    The best skyblock plugin.
    I would like to see the support of SpongeAIP. I want to make industrial skayblok with mods, but Spigot kernel does not allow it.
    I apologize for my english, I used google translator.
    1. Gnacik
  9. ChillerKraft
    Version: Island World 7.0
    one of the best skyblock plugins
    has unique features and extras that it needs to be compete with others
    i don't use this plugin anymore as i don't have skyblock on my server anymore but i believe i'd use this plugin in the future if i wished to implment it again
    thankyou Dev for bein awesome!
    he's supportive and keeps the plugin up to date
    1. Gnacik
  10. Dawid545
    Version: Island World 7.0
    Great plugin and helpful author fixing all reported errors, without exception. Perfect plugin for small and big servers, more stable than other plugins, without problems with player to uuid resolving like one of popular plugins I tested before.
    1. Gnacik