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Rate other user's islands on a 1-5 star scale!

  1. Completely reworked and many new features! BETA Build!

    This update is the first iteration of the new plugin rework, this is a BETA build, EXPECT BUGS.

    Lets get started on the new stuff...

    Code (Text):
    # If you don't how to use this file properly,
    # Please visit
    change-rating: true
        prefix: '&8ยป '
        command-usage: '%prefix%&fTry &6/rate <star rating 1-5> &f(i.e. /rate 4)'
        no-permission: '%prefix%&fYou don''t have permission to do that!'
        no-island: '%prefix%&fYou must be at an island to rate!'
        owned-island: '%prefix%&fYou cannot rate your own island!'
        team-island: '%prefix%&fYou cannot rate an island you are a member of!'
        number-not-found: '%prefix%&fTry using a number! &6/rate <1-5>'
        already-rated-island: '%prefix%&fYou have already rated this island!'
        successfull-rate: '%prefix%&fYou rated the island at &6%rating% &fstar!'
        successfull-rate-plural: '%prefix%&fYou rated the island at &6%rating% &fstars!'
        successfull-reload: '%prefix%&aSuccessfully reloaded the config!'
            1-star: '&41 &f= &4Terrible'
            2-star: '&c2 &f= &cPoor'
            3-star: '&e3 &f= &eOkay'
            4-star: '&a4 &f= &aGood'
            5-star: '&25 &f= &2Great'
            amount: 10
            header: '&6======= &eStart of Top &6======='
            entry: '&2%top-place%). &a%target%&f - &6%total-stars%'
            footer: '&6======== &eEnd of Top &6========'
    Config contains a few usable placeholders:
    • %prefix% - The prefix message
    • %rating% - The rating you gave when executing the command
    • %player% - The player's name executing the command
    • %target% - The target's name from executing the command
    • %top-place% - Only useful for /rate top command, it's a placeholder for the top positions.
    • %total-stars% - The target's total stars, currently only usable for the /rate top command.
    New Command and Permission:

    • [*]/rate top - ( - Shows the top rated islands, 1 - 10 (default, changeable in the config). - Removed due to rework, will be available in a later version!
    Please contact me about any bugs/errors you find!
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