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  1. Added new inv check feature -

    This update adds a new feature inv check. Basically it just checks through all the online player's inventorys for any glitched items from the IslandRate menus. You can setup an automatic timer from the config file (disabled by default), and you can even run it manually by command '/rate invcheck'

    - New inv check feature, to check for items that have been taken from the IslandRate
    menus by glitching the menu. Includes a config section to enable, and an...
  2. A few changes here and there, nothing major -

    This update just has a few changes, nothing too special but it does add 2 new files, listed in the changelog below

    - messages.yml file to contain all messages, step one of organizing the config files
    - opt-out.yml file to contain all player UUIDs that want to opt-out of island ratings

    - All messages now read from the new messages.yml file
    - /rate reload now reloads both config.yml and messages.yml
    - When the inventory event cancels

    - Cleaned...
  3. Added Cooldown for rating islands -

    This update contains a few things, mainly adding a cooldown for rating islands, default is 60 seconds, but like all features is configurable in the config.yml file.

    New config option:
    Code (YAML):
    cooldown: 60
    The value is in seconds. Set to 0 to disable the cooldown entirely!

    - Cooldown for rating islands, default at 60 seconds.

    - Change mysql-connector library to latest version (5.1.47)

    - Remove obsolete...
  4. PrepStmt.isClosed() fix -

    This update just changes how SQL functions are closed, and should fix errors users have been having recently.

    - How SQL functions are closed
  5. Async changes for menus -

    This update just changes how the Rate menu and Top menu load items. It has been a known issue that doing /rate top, and even just /rate will cause lag or TPS drops. I am working on fixing this issue, and this will hopefully be resolved within the next few updates.

    - The basis for a new "infinite" top menu system, not useable, just the "shell" of it

    - The way the Rate menu and Top menu load items, it's now in a ASync task,...
  6. Top menu hotfix -

    Special thanks to @ishopify & their server for letting me see this bug.

    This is simply a hotfix, fixes top menu to actually display the top 10 rated islands instead of just the top 9.

    - Top menu now properly displays top 10 users instead of just top 9
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  7. New function to get total number of voters -

    This update is fairly small, and just adds a new function to get the total number of voters (player's that have voted) for an island.

    %islandrate_total_voters% - Get total number of voters

    %player-total-voters% - Get player's total number of voters
    %target-total-voters% - Get target's total number of voters

  8. A major SQL storage update, many bug fixes, cleanup code, and many other things

    If you are using MySQL, I strongly suggest making a backup of your current database before updating to this version. There are many changes to how MySQL is saved and loaded. Please make a backup then delete the database to allow IslandRate to make a new one for you, and then import the data.


    Thank you for 9,000+...
  9. Added migrate option (file -> mysql) -

    This update adds an optional command to migrate from file storage to MySQL storage. Essentially, this command just adds all the ratings from the file storage to the MySQL storage. MySQL MUST be enabled and working as usual before you are able to migrate.

    The command is /rate migrate - Permission is islandrate.migrate

    - (Optional) /rate migrate Command to migrate from file storage to MySQL storage
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  10. Fixes MySQL not generating tables, throwing errors -

    This update should fix MySQL not generating tables. Thanks to @AlperenTR#5977 on Discord for telling me about this issue.

    - MySQL not generating tables properly, throwing errors when trying to use MySQL feature

    Discord for Support: