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  1. MySQL Failsafe measures added & other bug fixes - 1.2.8-BETA

    This update includes a few MySQL Failsafe measures in-case IslandRate cannot connect to your MySQL server/database.

    The basics of the failsafe is, if the connection can not be established or an error occurs when setting up the MySQL connection, MySQL is disabled in the config.yml file that way IslandRate still functions normally, however it will use the default flat-file way of storing data.

    The other bug fixes should (hopefully) fix creative inventory related errors thrown to console...
  2. Small startup fix - 1.2.7-BETA

    This update just fixes the excess console spam for when MySQL connects.
  3. Fixes legacy minecraft server version

    This update fixes many bugs relating to sounds and menus with the older (legacy) versions of minecraft. Thanks to @Alejandralole for pointing it out!

    Other changes include reworking the internals of MySQL, how MySQL is handled, connected, and functions, but it's all internal, and you shouldn't see any differences.

    If you find any bugs/errors, please PM me :) !
  4. The MySQL Update & Bug Fixes - 1.2.5-BETA

    The MySQL Update & Bug Fixes - 1.2.5-BETA

    This update is quite massive, not only for me, my experience as a plugin developer, but also for IslandRate and the future of my plugins. This update includes the support for MySQL storage.

    New config section:
    Code (Text):
      enabled: false
      host: localhost
      port: '3306'
      database: minecraft
      username: root
      password: password
    Other changes include:
    • Fixed creative inventory bugging with the plugin.
    • Changed...
  5. Added Menu for /rate top!

    This update adds the optional Menu for the view the top amount of players by doing /rate top.

    To enable the Top Rated Menu change this to true:
    Code (Text):
      enabled: false
    This update also includes a few bug fixes, no mysql related updates.

    If you have any bugs/errors, please don't hesitate to PM me :) !
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  6. (Hopefully) Fixes InventoryClickEvent errors when in creative mode

    This update should fix the InventoryClickEvent errors some have been having while in creative mode.

    This update also includes the beginning of MySQL implementation, however it is not done and you can't see/use it, but in the future updates, MySQL will be added and worked on!

    EDIT: Thanks to @Sequacious & @EnityStaller for pointing the error out to me!

    If you have any bugs/errors, please don't hesitate to PM me :) !
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  7. Menu changes and fixed PlaceholderAPI dependency

    This update fixes the PlaceholderAPI dependency issue, Thanks @YellowZaki for pointing that out! PlaceholderAPI is still a feature, however it is completely optional!

    The other main change is that in the Rate Menu, the Rating Emerald's names now match each of the Rating Titles (i.e. 1 Star = Terrible, 2 Stars = Poor, 3 Stars = Okay, 4 Stars = Good, 5 Stars = Amazing, these are taken from the config and applied to the emerald display names now!

    EDIT: Also updated...
  8. /rate Menu/GUI Added!

    This update adds the requested GUI/Menu for rating islands.

    By default, the GUI is disabled, however you can enable it in the config.yml file by setting enabled to true:
    Code (Text):
        enabled: true # Default is false!
    When enabled, doing /rate will open a GUI to rate the island instead of using the various commands!

    This update also includes some much needed changes and reworks for messages, and events, all being internal things that you shouldn't need to worry about, but...
  9. As Requested - Added PlaceholderAPI support

    This update adds PlaceholderAPI support to the plugin. This is a completely optional part of the plugin, but if you do want to use it you'll need to get PlaceholderAPI first!

    These are the current placeholders available:

    • %islandrate_top_rated_player% - Top rated island's owner's name.
    • %islandrate_top_rated_amount% - Top rated island's amount of ratings....
  10. Fixed "Default system encoding may have misread config.yml from plugin jar" bug

    This update just fixes the "Default system encoding may have misread config.yml from plugin jar" bug. No other changes