Islands | Home islands system 5.0.9

Home islands with biomes for better survival experience. Economy, protection, visiting and more

  1. 0x3A7F14
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Spanish, Portuguese
    If you have issues / crashes with 1.17, use the latest spigot build. Paper and its forks will probably also fix the bug in upcoming weeks.

    Changes to island protection has been made in version 5.0.0 along with GriefPrevention support. Read the patch notes for more information.


    A spigot plugin for creating floating island homes with different biomes. Optimized for survival gamemode. This is not a skyblock plugin! Jumping down from an island teleports player to survival "wilderness", that can be reset often without losing players' progress.

    This plugin is designed to function as your server's core plugin: For example it handles protection, homes, teleports / warps and has economy integration with handy GUIs for performing tasks.

    If you want to experience the plugin in game and have an awesome gaming experience, you can hop on! (1.16.4)

    "Okay cool, islands. What's the point?" Here are some problems that this plugin solves.

    Griefing. Every island is protected by default. The owner can /trust other players so that they can also interact with blocks and entities. The plugin integrates with GriefPrevention to protect the islands, and shouldn't interfere with other claims or claimblocks in your server.

    Resources. Everyone hates monuments that are already raided by another player. This plugin allows resetting the survival world whenever you feel like it without losing your progress. Your islands and inventory are saved in a separate world, that you can access from anywhere.

    "Project management." Want to start a new base? Just create a new island. Tired of creating a new world multiple times to find the biome of your liking? Well, this plugin lets you choose that too. Personally I just like the idea of placing individual creations of mine on their own islands. It also makes saving them in a schematic file a lot easier. (The plugin has a command for that)

    Community. Players can easily visit each other's islands with /visit command. The plugin has a GUI menu for browsing public islands. It is also possible to set up "official" islands like spawn island that are owned by the server. Tip for admins: /island name spawn for accessing spawn via /vi spawn

    Custom World Generation. This plugin separates the explorable resource world and players' bases, meaning that you can experiment with different world generators without losing any progress. Just delete the wilderness world, switch the world generator and jump to explore!

    Other cool features include homes, warp / spawn management, tools for moderation and great configurability and permissions, to name a few.

    Note that this plugin was inspired by private plugin developed for BigScaryGames' Soar server.

    If you have a public server with my plugin, feel free to hit me up. I'd be happy to pay you a visit or even play a little :)


    All feedback, suggestions and bug reports are much appreciated! Please report all unexpected crashes and bugs in Github. If you have quick questions, you can also contact me at Discord: 0x3A7F14#0001

    The plugin has customisable generation settings, so the plugin can be optimised for any hardware. To set up the plugin, check out Wiki. You can also find extensive list of permissions, commands and configuration there.

    I'd recommend admins to set up daily or weekly reset of wilderness world and possibly nether and end too. This ensures that players have fresh resources available at all times and encourages players to build on islands as intended. You can google more about how to schedule reboots and resets.


    Available biomes are fetched from "islandsSource" world. The search are can be adjusted to match server performance. Supports all overworld biomes.

    Islands are also protected by default. No more "I forgot to protect my base and got griefed". Players can trust other players to play together.


    Queue system ensures that generating islands does not cause lag.
    Generation speed can also be adjusted.



    Jumping down from an island teleport player to survival "wilderness",
    where damage is enabled. Wilderness can be reset often without resetting players' progression.


    Comes with a handy gui that players can use to visit other public islands!
    Shiny islands are "official" islands owned by the server.


    Custom island shapes can be created to enhance the look of your islands!



    Economy integration allows you to set prices for different islands


    Admin tools help admins moderate their servers by giving them access to all islands via GUI


    Plugin supports GriefPrevention integration to protect all the islands from griefers.


    Example Islands




    All screenshots can be found here

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Recent Reviews

  1. LNJJeremy
    Version: 5.0.9
    Just an amazing plugin, I really wanted to add something like this in my server.
  2. Mr.AntiSocial
    Version: 5.0.9
    The plugin is amazing, though I wish there was some sort of a warning before I ran the command. If I had already had a lot of progress on my server, I would've been furious when it completely replaced the entire world!

    Recommendation: Add a warning on the plugin page (or within the command) for people like me who aren't as smart as others when it comes to taking precautions with plugins. I didn't have a backup or anything set up! Haha.
  3. Jonidipp
    Version: 5.0.9
    it works! scratched my head for a bit with the void plugin thingy but i got it to work and it works! :D
  4. ValenGamerXD
    Version: 5.0.6
    I like the plugin but it has some flaws, people can do /home while their island hasnt generated and fall into the void, there is no messages.txt to manually translate messages, some blocks remain from old island when doing /is recreate... i would love to see this things fixed so i can rate 5 stars
    1. 0x3A7F14
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Let's keep bug reports in discussion section or github though. The plugin has config option to disable teleporting to unfinished islands and there is equivalent of messages.txt, read wiki for that. About the uncleared blocks, could you send me a screenshot or something, I could try to get that sorted out
  5. Aldric
    Version: 5.0.4
    If you are looking for a good island plugin, this is the one for you. In my opinion its the best island plugin there is, even when compared to other paid island plugins.
  6. Psykrot
    Version: 5.0.0
    Super awesome! It's exactly what I was looking for without having to change the config too much. The developer is very responsive and even helped me with conflicts happening with another plugin. This feels like a paid plugin!
  7. monkeyno0dle
    Version: 4.8.3
    Awesome plugin, even better developer! Super responsive and just an overall very well designed and maintained plugin!
  8. Loiloo
    Version: 4.8.3
    EXCELLENT <3 <3 <3 <3 --------------------------------------------------------------------
    1. 0x3A7F14
  9. ms0ur
    Version: 4.8.2
    Hi, the plugin is amazing, but when I create a large island, and after creating it, I teleport to it, for some reason I do not appear on the island, but 20 blocks from its edge. Can you help me please?
    (Sorry for my bad english)
    1. 0x3A7F14
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Could you open a chat with me at discord so I can troubleshoot your issue (0x3A7F14#9316)
  10. monkeyno0dle
    Version: 4.8.0
    Awesome plugin with amazing features. Very smooth and surprisingly light weight. All features performing excellently.
    Developer is awesome and super helpful. Please keep updating this, I would love to see it grow.