iStats 1.3 - Updated to 1.9

A simple & easy to use stat system for PvP

  1. AppleNick
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    A Simple PvP Stat System
    iStats is a very simple and easy to use PvP stats system. It keeps track of Kills, Deaths, KDR, and Kill Streaks. All stats are saved to a single yml file inside the config folder, so installing is as easy as dropping it inside your plugin folder!

    • /stats [player] - With the /stats command you are able to instantly view your current PvP stats. With an optional argument of a player's name, you can view the stats of any other online player!
    • /gui - The GUI command is for toggling a users GUI preference.
    • /reloadstats - The reload command can be used to update the stats of all online players from what was last saved inside the players.yml storage file. This can be useful if you want to manually update the stats of a specific player without restarting the server.
    /stats = /istats , /pvpstats , /ist
    /gui = /togglegui , /igu

    /stats = istats.view
    /gui = istats.toggle
    /reloadstats = istats.reload

    New Features in 1.2.0:
    : The GUI is a simple and more visually appealing way to view your stats. By default the GUI view is visible when performing /stats by any player. Players are able to toggle their preferences by performing the command /gui if they wish to view a chat based alternative.


    The source can be viewed from here

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  2. Stats GUI
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  1. lukerock7
    Version: 1.3 - Updated to 1.9
    Nice Plugin!! I love the support and development. Thank you for putting this plugin out there! I appreciate it :P.