iStats 1.3 - Updated to 1.9

A simple & easy to use stat system for PvP

  1. Update to 1.9

    iStats is not updated to the latest version of 1.9

    This is just a simple update to add compatibility for 1.9. More features will be coming in later updates.

    Thanks for using iStats!
  2. Stats GUI

    Added a simple GUI, which players can toggle with /gui or /togglegui
    If they have their GUI (by default they do) Just performing the command /stats will open the GUI

  3. Command Aliases

    This is a minor update, which adds three command aliases to /stats;
    /istats , /pvpstats, and /ist .

    These should make iStats now more compatible with other plugins now.

    If you have any more suggestions, just let me know.