ISVS - ItemStack ValueSaver 1.3

Save values in ItemStacks

  1. Syranda
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    ISVS - ItemStack ValueSaver 1.3

    This API allows you to save values in ItemStacks.
    Thesese values are unique for every ItemStack, they are invisivble, renaming / enchanting the item won't make the values disappear. Even after a server restart the values are still there... Without a config or database.
    Also this plugin allows you to create unique Inventories by giving them a id.


    /value set <valuename> <value> | Set a value of the item in your hand
    /value get <valuename> | Get a value of the item in your hand
    /value check | Get all values of the item in your hand
    /value remove <valuename> | Remove a value of the item in your hand
    /value clear | Remove all values of the item in your hand
    /value raw | Get raw value information of the item in your hand

    ISVS.Value -> Allows you to use the 'value' command

    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.setValue(ItemStack is, String name, Object value);
    //Sets a value for an ItemStack
    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.hasValue(ItemStack is);
    //Checks if a ItemStack has any values
    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.hasValue(ItemStack is, String value);
    //Checks if a ItemStack has a specific value
    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.getValueBoolean(ItemStack is, String value);
    ValueSaver.getValueString(ItemStack is, String value);
    ValueSaver.getValueInteger(ItemStack is, String value);
    ValueSaver.getValueObject(ItemStack is, String value);
    //Gets a value from an ItemStack
    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.getAllValues(ItemStack is);
    //Get all values from an ItemStack
    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.remakeItem(ItemStack is, String name, Material material, List<String> lore);
    //Changes the name / material / lore of an ItemStack without losing the values of the ItemStack (Leaving one parameter blank wont't have any impact to that parameter)
    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.deleteAllValues(ItemStack is);
    //Delete all values of an ItemStack
    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.deleteValue(ItemStack is, String valuename);
    //Delete a specific value from an ItemStack
    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.setRawValues(ItemStack is, String values);
    //Sets raw information of an ItemStack (Don't use this)
    Code (Text):
    ValueSaver.getRawValues(ItemStack is);
    //Gets raw information of an ItemStack (Don't use this)
    Code (Text):
    InventoryManager.createInventory(String title, int size, int uniqueId);
    //Created an inventory with the choosen id
    Code (Text):
    InventoryManager.getInventoryId(Inventory inv);
    //Gets the id of an inventory
    Known bugs:
    • After enchanting an item with values this item won't have a blue displayname
    • If you want to rename a item with values via anvil you aren't allowed to use the character ':' or '='
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Recent Reviews

  1. Elite
    Version: 1.1
    A very light weight plugin - It doesn't require a config or database, which is a plus. I don't need this, but I will recommend it for others.
  2. HSIkMy
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin, I don't have use of it yet, but it will definitely make it easier to make a custom gun plugin where players can rename their guns whatever they want and the guns still work. From the descriptions I think this plugin probably uses NBT. So author, please make it so we can add actual NBT onto items! (attribute modifiers, unbreakable etc)
    1. Syranda
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry to say that this plugin doesn't use NBT. But making custom item is really much more easier